Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Balancing Skincare

When life's excesses catch up with you, or your skin feels sensitive and irritated, these balancing skincare products can help restore equilibrium.
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Balancing Skincare

Balancing skincare products for your skin


Yang needs yin. Life is a constant balancing act. One of the aims most of us pursue is finding a perfect balance between activity and relaxation, between work and home, city and country, achievement and acceptance.

At Anne Semonin we believe in balance, too. Our holistic approach to beauty is built into our philosophy of made-to-measure skincare. The simple insight that drives us forward is this: Everyone's skin is unique, and it changes daily.

Sometimes we don't get the balance right and our skin – so sensitive to environmental conditions as well as hormonal changes and stress levels that are often related to lifestyle –starts to show signs of stress and fatigue. It loses the radiance and natural luminosity we crave.

When the skin balance is lost, for whatever reason, we need to restore it. Anne Semonin's luxury balancing skincare products are designed to do that. Combining the highest quality natural ingredients with expert scientific knowledge, these treatments will help give your complexion an even, flawless glow.

Tissue Serum is an ultra-light serum designed to be used on its own at night or under a moisturising crea in the morning, applied with gentle strokes around eye and lip contours, the neck and face. It helps strengthen and replenish skin tissue, reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. The active ingredients include concentrated seawater packed with trace elements with gentle rose water to soothe irritated skin. Gingko Biloba helps boost blood circulation and oxygenation.

Marine Emulsion, formulated with seaweed extract and shea butter, works very well alongside Tissue Serum, gently hydrating and protecting. Its oil-free formula makes it ideal for more oily skins all year-round but also great for rebalancing all skin types during the summer months when exposure to the sun can upset the skin's equilibrium. It's also a favourite with men who shave because it helps calm and soothe skin irritated by the abrasive act of removing hair with blades.