Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Soothing & Hydrating

Sensitive skin requires special treatment with products tailored to soothe and nurture the most delicate skin.
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Soothing & Hydrating

Soothing and hydrating skincare products


When our skin dries it often causes discomfort. Dry skin can be the prelude to scaling, itching and cracking. It can also feel rough and tight. That's because the natural oils, which keep skin supple, soft and youthful-looking become depleted and inhibited.

Like an engine that runs out of oil, without lubrication, protection and nutrition, the skin grinds to a halt. The regenerative process slows down and skin becomes vulnerable to external aggressors such as allergens. That leads to scratching and may even cause longer-term scarring.

Without new cells renewing at the optimum rate skin-ageing is accelerated. Radiance is lost. Sensitivity increases.

The answer to all this dryness, discomfort and dullness is very simple: hydration. But the skin has to be replenished carefully with oils and nutrients it will be happy to accept.

This is where the science behind Anne Semonin anti-ageing skincare comes into its own. Our extensive research into essential oils, minerals and marine active ingredients has enabled us to create formulations that soothe skin rapidly and hydrate deep down where it matters most.

Hero Anne Semonin products in the Soothing & Hydrating skincare category include Extreme Comfort Cream, a luxurious, deeply protective face cream for skin that craves comfort.

Moisturizing macadamia nut oil is instantly comforting, providing a blissful sensorial treat for skin that has been exposed to sun, cold or wind. There's also protection in the form of beeswax and brown seaweed extract to stimulate cell regeneration. Apply it during the day and feel your skin breathe a sigh of relief.

Our Soothing Intensive Complex, formulated with powerful essential oils,is a gently restorative, anti-inflammatory night-time treatment that's ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Marjoram, Italian lemon zest and centella asiatica at its core ensures a smooth, hydrated and supple complexion – ideal for calming irritated, sensitive skin. A few drops, a good night's sleep and your youthful glow will return.