Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Cleansers & Toners

Cleansing and toning is an essential part of your daily routine, removing impurities, sebum and make-up while helping to rebalance your skin.
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Cleansers & Toners

Facial cleansers and toners - specialised treatments


Almost every skincare expert in the world would agree that cleansing and toning is a crucial part of a daily skincare regime. Cleanse, tone, moisturise is the universal 21st century beauty mantra.

Cleansing, the first step, is vital to remove excess oil and impurities, including any make-up that might imbalance or upset your skin. Toning follows to soothe, nourish and hydrate, restoring the delicate pH balance.

Finding the best cleansers and toners is often a matter of trial and error since the beauty shelves are overflowing with alternatives. Anne Semonin removes the room for error by offering a core of ground-breaking, scientifically formulated cleansing and toning products rich in trace elements and essential oils that are not only extremely effective but also a luxurious daily, or twice-daily treat.

Botanical Milk is our gentle universal cleanser. Light in texture and deeply soothing it lifts impurities with ease while softening, re-hydrating and protecting your skin thanks to an ingredient list that includes hazelnut oil, laminaria seaweed and furze extract. We recommend applying with fingertips to face and neck, and cotton pads for removing eye make-up.

An alternative to Botanical Milk is Oligo Cleansing Gel, a delicately scented water-based foam cleanser infused with red algae which has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-pollution properties. Purifying and detoxifying, it's great for sensitive or combination skin.

Two cleansers are complemented by two toners. Botanical Toner is formulated with super-soothing, antioxidant-rich witch hazel, known for its natural astringency. Apply gently after cleansing with Botanical Milk and your skin will be gently toned and rebalanced.

Marine Toner is an equally effective option. Formulated with sea water, rose water and Jania Rubens extracts (which is twenty to forty thousand times richer in trace elements and sea-sourced minerals than sea water itself), it revitalizes dull, sallow complexions. It has a beautiful natural scent and subtle astringency and is perfect for summer due to its mattifying effect.