Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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For a complete skincare pick-me-up our serums are tailored to your skin and penetrate deep down for visible results.
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Anti-ageing and hydrating serums


Serums are an Anne Semonin specialty. Powerful skincare formulations delivered in minute quantities – drop by drop – direct to the skin to enhance radiance and youthful appearance.

Finer and lighter than creams, serums are easily absorbed into the skin and have an instant effect. Visible anti-ageing improvements, whether firming, lifting, brightening or evening tone are often described as 'miraculous'.

The formulations of our anti-ageing serums follow a core principle: the very finest ingredients including natural micro-algae, essential oils and minerals combined in skin-safe, exhaustively tested ways.

For example, if you have fine lines Tissue Serum will rehydrate skin rapidly, either on its own at night or under cream in the morning. The secret lies in concentrated seawater with over 20 trace elements.

For tired or dull skin, Precious Serum is an ultra rich, intensive night serum brimming with essential oils ideal for a night repair treatment, so you'll wake up to radiant skin.

Youth Radiance Elixir is a lightweight anti-ageing serum powered primarily by hyaluronic acid in high and low molecular weights for the double benefit of immediate plumping and long-term anti-wrinkle effects. A revelation.

Phytarosa Serum is an all-round complexion enhancer that works wonders in prolonging the glow of a suntan while helping rehydrate parched skin thanks to vitamin E-rich macadamia nut oil and beta-carotene. The perfect travel companion in warm or cold climates – a few drops applied post-piste or -pool will have a restorative effect – it will also reinforce the skin's defenses and improve tan quality if used for 30 days before sun exposure.

Of course, avoiding damaging UV rays is, most experts would agree, the most effective anti-ageing skin strategy. If you want instant sun-kissed radiance Glow covers your skin with a veil of sheer bronze. A healthy radiance in seconds without self-tan odours, colour transfer or greasy residue.