Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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For Oily Skin

Skin that becomes too oily may be under stress or under nourished. Anne Semonin luxury skincare will help you control the grease and restore an enviable youthful radiance.
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For Oily Skin

Our best products for oily skin


When skin produces excess oil – or sebum as dermatologists refer to it – it is doing so for a reason. You may have oily skin as a result of your genetic make-up, or because of hormonal activity, but it could be that your body is reacting to imbalances in your diet or lifestyle. Whatever the cause, using Anne Semonin anti-ageing skincare can really help restore the balance.

One of the biggest mistakes women (and men) with oily skin make is avoiding moisturizer in the false belief that creams and serums will clog pores. They won’t if they are scientifically formulated, like Anne Semonin, with nourishing essential oils and trace elements.

Hydration is vital for all skin types, which is why we highly recommend Precious Serum for anyone with oily skin. A deeply comforting overnight elixir based around re-balancing essential oils which also help prevent premature ageing, it is particularly effective in treating the effects of hormonal imbalance during the monthly cycle or during menopause.

Super Active Cream is one of those skincare products that you want to keep a secret. It’s an advanced anti-ageing day cream that instantly lifts the skin, relaxes facial muscles to reduce wrinkles, boosts collagen and fills fine lines. A ‘miracle’ cream that suits all skin types.

Some women worry about the appearance of oily skin. Tissue Serum is an ultra-light serum that not only hydrates but also has a mattifying effect.

Open pores are commonly associated with oily skin. For a quick fix and instant pick-me-up – perhaps before a night out – try a little cryotherapy (ice therapy) with Precious Pearl Ice Cubes. Keep these mono-dose cubes packed with the power of hyaluronic acid, in the freezer until you’re ready, then massage gently over the complexion to visibly reduce pores while adding a subtle shimmer. Instant rejuvenation.