Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Say hello to summer skin

Get, Set, Glow!

With the sun being a more permanent fixture these days it’s time to shine with glowing, beautiful skin. Discover our summer skincare secrets to creating a sun-kissed complexion from the inside out.  

Get, Set, Glow - SPF & Hat



No.1. Exfoliate:

To reveal your radiance, it's important to start by removing the dull skin from your face through gentle exfoliation. Our Exfoliating Mask is the perfect way to refresh the complexion to reveal softer and brighter skin. 



No.2. Serum:

Our Phytarosa serum is the perfect way to prepare your skin for a day in the sun because of its nourishing ingredients but can also be used as a more long term preparation. When used for 30 days before sun exposure it helps reinforce the skin’s defences and improves tan quality and duration. 



No.3. Prep with SPF:

Protecting your skin with SPF is the most important step to radiance this summer. Whether venturing out to the beach or a stroll into town protecting your skin is a must. Our Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 is the perfect way to hydrate & protect as well as evening skin tone with Sea Lily Flower Extracts


No.4. Accessorise:

Sometimes the most simple solutions are the best. The perfect way to protect your skin with style is with a classic wide brimmed sun hat. We love the simple tones of this French-made summer staple by Maison Michel. Available on Net-a-Porter. 


Glow Serum

No.5. Illuminate & Glow:

Our latest addition to the Anne Semonin collection the Glow, the perfect way to achieve instant sun-kissed radiance with a revolutionary formula rich in premium active ingredients. This bi-phase complexion enhancer illuminates and covers your skin with a veil of sheer bronze colour in seconds, offering a perfectly natural and healthy glow. As well as offering immediate radiance our formula help skin fight the signs of ageing with minerals, vitamin C, anti-oxidants and beta-carotene.



No.6. Protect from the inside out

Did you know that eating certain foods can actually boost your tolerance to the sun? Eating fruits high in Lypocene as shown to have links with increased sun tolerance. "Tomatoes are one of the best sources for lycopene, especially when they're cooked. ... and studies have shown that a few tablespoons of tomato paste a day provided "significant protection" from sun damage. All red fruits contain the pigment, but it's particularly abundant in watermelon and grapefruit." Source -Foodhacks


No.7. Keep your glow for longer:

After a day of sunshine, your skin is going to be more prone to dryness. To combat this we recommend a second application of our Phytarosa Serum, an all-round complexion enhancer for weather-damaged skin, this deeply hydrating serum relieves parched skin and prolongs a tanned glow. Vitamin E-rich macadamia nut oil absorbs easily for deep hydration, while beta-carotene – rich in provitamin A – fights free radicals to guard against premature ageing and improve tan quality.