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How to protect your skin from pollution


How to protect your skin from pollution

You probably already know how UV rays and an unhealthy lifestyle can affect your skin. But did you know that the particles in big-city air are very destructive for skin? 


Polluting agents in the atmosphere are becoming more and more harmful. They land on your skin, blend with the sebum, block your pores and encourage skin irritation. What's more, when the skin's protective cells are changed like that, your skin ages more quickly. So good beauty habits are vital for protecting your skin. 


Clean your face morning and night


Cleaning is a necessary step to get rid of impurities that clog your skin. Remove makeup carefully each evening using a product with more oil, like Anne Semonin Botanical Milk enriched with hazelnut oil that gently removes impurities, makeup and toxins. Finish with a water-based cleanser morning and night, to eliminate hydrophilic residues such as pollutants, sweat and microscopic particles. Water-based Oligo Cleansing Gel contains red seaweed, known for its antibacterial and anti-pollutant qualities, as well as a gentle enzymatic exfoliant to deep-clean pores and smooth the skin. To polish off this cleansing stage, apply Anne Semonin's Botanical Toner or Marine Toner for a skin that's totally cleansed. 


Exfoliate regularly


Don't skip exfoliating! When done once or twice a week, it helps eliminate dead cells without harming the skin. It's a good way to get rid of toxins and regulate cell renewal. The Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask deep-cleans the skin and smooths texture. It helps prevent blackheads and dryness, two ways that pollution affects the skin. Exfoliate in the evening when your skin is the most receptive and the least exposed to pollutants. 


Boost your antioxidants


When pollution penetrates your skin's barrier, it has a stressful, oxidising effect that causes irritations, acne, blotches and fine lines.

The solution? Antioxidants that eliminate free radicals and protect your skin. Anne Semonin's Oligoanne Serum skincare is a powerful antioxidant that increases cell oxygenation to clear up and even out skin tone. It is enriched with chlorella, a freshwater algae with anti-aging action and cell rejuvenating qualities. This serum smooths and softens skin in a spectacular way, protecting it from the noxious effects of pollution, eliminating scaly patches and correcting clearness problems. You should also include antioxidants in your diet by filling your plate with fruits and legumes like red berries, plums, kiwis, asparagus, broccoli, artichoke, red cabbage, yellow peppers and potatoes. 


Protect your skin


Pollution intensifies the effects of UV rays, so they're just as dangerous as if you were on the beach at the height of summer. If you live in the city, use an SPF 30 sunscreen every day to protect your skin. The Anne Semonin Oligoprotect Cream is enriched with marine extracts and trace elements for effective protection against environmental hazards. It's a moisturiser that prevents premature aging -- ideal for added protection! 


Rediscover your glow!


Pollution, especially carbon monoxide, also affects your skin tone. CO combines with oxygen in your blood, making your skin become dull and grey; blotches could also appear.


If you're experiencing this, find yourself some brightening skincare products immediately. The SPF15 Brightening Cream is made with an exclusive blend that includes vitamin C and sea lily and brown seaweed extracts to reduce blotches and brighten your skin tone. It also contains antioxidants (vitamin E) and anti-pollutants (Ergothioenine) that neutralise free radicals released by UV rays and pollution, to protect skin from premature aging.