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Good news we deliver to United States
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Introducing: Freya

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Hello I am Freya, I founded Frey de Fleur a luxury lifestyle blog. My purpose is to provide unique content for young creatives who seek alternative inspiration.



Freya Bromley




Student/ Blogger/ Junior Account Executive at a creative marketing agency


Alexa Chung


The gentle mistletoe shampoo and exotic verbena bath oil are great for a luxurious pampering session


Freya Bromley InstagramWho is Freya?

Freya is a country girl at heart, and splits her time between Durham and London. She has a serious case of wanderlust and is forever exploring, so you’ll find her on regular city breaks to destinations such as Amsterdam and Rome. At the weekend, Freya enjoys bike rides and picnics with friends in the sunshine, or visiting art galleries or new exhibitions. She also loves catching up with friends over cocktails. Find out more about Freya on her social channels:

 Freya Twitter   Freya Instagram   Freya Facebook


Freya's skin profile

Skin Type: Combination

Sensitivity, redness and oiliness in some areas, skin feels tight in certain areas, flaky dry areas and occasional spots. Dark Circles around the Eye Contour area.


Freya's regime

Tissue Serum: Our Tissue Serum combines more than 20 trace elements to effectively hydrate skin, and increase circulation. We think this will really help with Freya's tightness, dry areas, and those occasional spots. Hydrolized collagen is included to help minimise the appearance of under-eye circles.


Soothing Intensive Complex: Because Freya reported sensitivity, redness, and tightness, we recommended our Soothing Intensive Complex. It's a superb anti-inflammatory, and because it contains cobalt and iodine, it really helps to boost blood flow and strengthen capillary walls.


Extreme Comfort Cream: The Extreme Comfort Cream gently nourishes and regenerates skin, and is an effective moisturiser. It's also a perfect softener for that dry, flaky skin - thanks to its use of natural beeswax.


Cream Mask: Our renowned and super-indulgent mask is the ultimate treat for dry and flaky skin. It firmly handles redness, and uses white kaolin clay to clarify even the most troublesome complexions. Laminaria digitata is particularly useful for skin tightness, as it helps to make skin supple, and increase elasticity.


Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes: And finally, to deal with Freya's reported dark circles, we've prescribed the Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes. The cryotherapeutic effects of these much-loved ice cubes are many. In this instance, they help to rapidly absorb nutrients from additional products used, as well as instilling a feeling of freshness, and stimulating micro circulation to reduce puffiness and dark circles.


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