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Good news we deliver to United States
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Introducing: Josie

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Hello! I'm Josie, and my blog Fashion Mumblr is my personal fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog where I post my musings on everything from cupcakes to catwalks


Josie Fear




Blogger / PR Marketing Manager


Blake Lively


Tissue Serum


Josie Fear InstagramWho is Josie?

Josie is an avid traveller and loves exploring. She's also a fan of luxury - so you’ll frequently see her jetting off to Switzerland, Greece, and the USA. Josie's a fan of high-end shops such as Whistles, Jaeger, and French Connection. At the weekend you’ll find Josie enjoying afternoon tea at fine London hotels such as the Ritz or the Berkeley - but when she's not living the high life, she’ll also spend time walking her two dogs, browsing the shops in South Kensington, and indulging in some self-pampering.

Find out more about Josie here:

 Josie Twitter   Josie Instagram   Josie Facebook


Josie's skin profile

Skin Type: Combination

Problem areas: Oiliness in some areas, make up doesn't stay on forehead and chin, dehydration, skin feels tight all round. Also Josie struggles around the Eye Contour with fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.


Josie's Regime


Oligoanne Serum: Josie's been recommended the Oligoanne Serum to assist in boosting mineral enrichment, and to bring energy to the skin. It'll also work wonders for helping to counter dryness, and those dark circles she mentioned.


Balancing Intensive Complex: To remedy Josie's oily areas, we've suggested our Balancing Intensive Complex. The complex is formulated to detoxify and regulate the skin, whilst countering inflammation and puffiness.


Oligo Protect Cream SPF 15: Because Josie's an avid city-goer, we've couldn't help but prescribe our best-selling Oligo Protect Cream. This strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin, and helps to lessen fine lines. It's clever UVA and UVB filters make it harder for the urban environment to impact your skin in the future too.


Gel Mask: A cool, refreshing and instant pick-me-up. The Gel Mask is great at plumping and regenerating, and uses a range of essential oils to recharge and boost lacklustre skin.


Express Radiance Ice Cubes: An Anne Semonin classic, and great in the lead-up to Summer. The Ice Cubes use friendly amino acids to reduce the effects of fine lines, and also uses Azelaic Acid to help control oiliness.


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