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Introducing: Kate

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The Glow Edit is home to the beauty musings of Kate Rooney, Beauty Editor and ex-fashion girl forever in pursuit of the next best products landing globally.



Kate Rooney




Beauty Editor


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Kate Rooney InstagramWho is Kate?

Kate's a beauty editor for About Time magazine, a popular online publication. She's a fan of the luxury lifestyle and some of her favourite brands include Celine, Tom Ford, and Valentino. In Summer you’ll find Kate on vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos or Santorini but when she's back home In London, Kate spends her weekends brunching with girlfriends and enjoying cocktails at rooftop bars. Find out more about Kate on her social channels:

 Kate Twitter   Kate Instagram   


Kate's skin profile 

Skin Type: Combination

Sensitivity and redness, breakouts and congestion, some scarring and pigmentation spots. Dehydration around the Eye Contour.


Kate's regime

Phytarosa Serum: We've suggested the wondrous Phytarosa Serum to help make Kate's sensitive skin more comfortable, and to smooth those breakout areas. We noticed that she loves the Mediterranean sun, so the Serum's tan prolonging qualities might come in handy too.


Balancing Intensive Complex: The trace elements component of our famous Balancing Intensive Complex is great for its anti-inflammatory properties, which should assist with Kate's congestion. The other component, essential oils, is unmatched when it comes to regulating the kind of breakouts Kate might experience. It's also a superb antioxidant, which we hope will counter her redness.


Marine Emulsion: Our Marine Emulsion is perfect for combination skin like Kate's. It uses shea butter to protect and nourish (ideal for preventing future breakouts), marine criste to improve circulation (for that redness), and seaweed extract to help regenerate any damage caused by past breakouts.


Gel Mask: To help Kate with any dryness around the eye contour, we've suggested Anne Semonin's Gel Mask. The soothing mask is formulated to soothe and revitalise skin, and helps to stimulate cells - effectively boosting your glow.


Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes: The wild indigo found within the Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes is excellent at relieving skin distress, so could well aid Kate with any pigmentation spots. Simultaneously, evening primrose oil will help to rehydrate around the eye contour area.


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