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Lisa Eldridge talks Cryotherapy

Keep it cool...


Cryotherapy facial treatments are a unique way to de-puff and tighten skin and at Anne Semonin we pride ourselves on having pioneered some of the most specialised luxury skincare ice cubes in the market. We are thrilled to have been featured by Lisa Eldrige in her latest post on achieving a 'Fresher, Firmer Face'. Lisa's method targets one area of the face at a time, starting at the chin and holding the ice on an area for a few seconds before moving onto the next.  

For the eye contour area, she suggests gently massaging with an ice cube to make the blood vessels constrict which in turn helps the muscles contract to become tighter and therefore less puffy - magic! 

Ice therapy can help to lessen the effects of eating too much salt or a night of drinking a few too many mojitos and it is a great way to make your skin firmer and brighter in general. We absolutely love all of Lisa's tips and if you want to try them out for yourself why not use one of our Ice Cube Treatments:


Anne Semonin Ice Cubes


Express Radiance Ice Cubes:

For an all over ice facial, you can revitalise tired skin in a few seconds. This ice-cold treatment with marine spring water, red seaweed, evening primrose and botanical extract of wild indigo is a radiance-boosting ritual that suits all skin types and is perfect to perk up skin ahead of make-up application




Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes:

For a targeted eye treatment to refresh, lift and brighten tired eyes in a flash try these botanically-rich, cooling cubes with marine spring water, ginkgo biloba, gourd extract and hyaluronic acid. Specially developed as a complete solution to treat dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles all in one. “