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Good news we deliver to United States
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Anne Semonin Philosophy

Skincare Mixology

Anne Semonin Mixology


Creating bespoke blends of products is something that has been ingrained in the Anne Semonin Philosophy from the outset and we take great pride in this unique aspect of our skincare range. We asked our International Training Manager Elena Tselepidou for some tips on the basics of skincare mixology and how you can create your own unique skincare blends at home to make the most of your Anne Semonin products.



1. What is skincare mixology and why is it important?

Long before the current trend, Anne Sémonin pioneered the concept of the beauty farm: a special place where products and treatments were selected and applied in customised blends to provide the ultimate skin regime targeted to the exact needs of her clients. She believed this went above and beyond simply applying products individually and this not only offered outstanding results but increased relaxation and wellbeing.  


Anne Sémonin’s approach to skincare always offered a personal touch with customisable products and treatments designed to work on the skin’s individual needs and concerns. Focused on a supreme quality product range with proven and effective results as well as techniques influenced from around the world, Anne Semonin created a unique beauty experience for her clients.


Today we continue this tradition by offering either an online consultation or face to face professional observation with our expertly trained spa therapists, we identify your skin issues in order to suit its daily challenges and carefully prescribe a simple Anne Semonin regime to preserve the effects of the professional treatment you experience at the spa. Our aim is to help you manage and achieve long-lasting, visible results.



2. Mixing your own skincare at home can seem a little intimidating to some of us who haven’t done it before. What do we need to get started?

“Every skin is unique” is the key belief of Anne Semonin, so the concept has evolved around every treatment being individual: made to measure. Before you start mixing any skincare it’s important to know what your skin needs with our unique skin prescription service. This can either be done in person or online: when you go into one of our spas each treatment begins with a personal consultation with the customer. Following the Skin Diagnosis, your therapist will propose the most appropriate treatment for your concerns and prepare a tailor-made "beauty prescription” to address your skin requirements and your lifestyle. This is your home care regime to maximise the results and effectiveness of your beauty treatment and where your skincare mixology journey begins.


The online process is identical in terms of the skin diagnosis - you simply answer a series of questions and you can even upload images, the more detail you provide the more in-depth your skin prescription will be. This is then sent to one of our skincare experts where you will get an individual response with personalised recommendations.


When creating your own blends we recommend you do it just before application; this can be done in a small bowl and mixed with our applicator brush but we find the best way to blend your products is either directly on the skin or on the back of your hand.



For example, when blending an Intensive Complex with a Mask you can simply put the mask on the back of your hand add a few drops of the serums and mix together on the back of your hand. We like to think of skincare as an art so use the hand as your palette and your face as the canvas - apply products with the brush where necessary for a more even application but don’t be afraid to use your hands for a more gentle freehand approach.


"Think of skincare as an art so use the hand as your palette and your face as the canvas"


 Intensive Complexes



3. How to use Intensive complexes to enhance your other Anne Semonin products

Let’s start with what an Intensive Complex is, it’s one of our most versatile products and is comprised of 1 bottle of Essential oils + 1 bottle of Trace Elements. We chose this combination because Essential Oils have been proven to penetrate through the deeper layers of our skin and Trace Elements are minerals which are essential for many body functions but they get depleted as we age. The reason why Trace Elements such as Zinc, Copper, Magnesium are so important for our skin is because they act as carriers for the Essential Oils helping them to quickly absorb and assist skin regeneration. There are 3 types to choose from depending on your main skin concern: Balancing, Firming & Soothing.


There are two ways of using the Intensive Complexes: They can be used on their own in the evening after cleansing and toning as an intensive overnight treatment. Place 3 drops of each bottle directly on the palm of your hand, warm together to blend and apply over face, neck and décolleté. This is one of the most simple and effective ways to incorporate skincare mixology into your current regime.


The second way is to use them to customise other Anne Semonin products; the specific products you should be blending will be recommended in your Skin Prescription but typically they are paired with Creams, Masks, Toners and even our Body Products for a more intense treatment.


One of my favourite combinations for when my skin is feeling dehydrated after a day in the sun is to blend a few drops of the Soothing Intensive Complex with the Anne Semonin Gel Mask. It’s an intensely moisturising skincare cocktail full of essential oils that work to revitalise and nourish dry skin. This combined with the natural Marine trace elements in the Gel mask leaves skin smooth and plump.


4. What would you recommend for an under eye treatment

The products I recommend for a boosting under eye mask is a blend of our best selling Mineral Mask with the super hydrating Tissue Serum. The Anne Semonin Mineral Mask eliminates toxins, brightens the skin and boosts micro-circulation and the Anne Semonin Tissue serum includes more than 20 trace elements and helps maintain hydration and oxygenate this delicate area of the face.


To create this blend at home add 2 drops of Tissue Serum and mix with 2ml of the Mineral Mask. Gently apply over cleansed eye contour to assist drainage and help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Leave for 10 minutes and remove with a damp Cellulose Sponge.


5. What is your secret weapon for an instant radiance boost?

My go-to radiance booster has to be the Youth Radiance Elixir. For me, it’s the ultimate anti-ageing solution. It was the first of our Precious Pearl collection and I love the use of precious natural active ingredients and the fact that it has two weights of hyaluronic acid. This is amazing as the high molecular weight provides an immediate plumping effect whilst the low molecular weight penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and stimulates the hyaluronic acid synthesis for a long lasting result.


"My go-to radiance booster has to be the Youth Radiance Elixir. For me, it’s the ultimate anti-ageing solution."

Combine this with the Super Active Cream which is dubbed as the natural alternative solution to botox. It instantly lifts the skin, relaxes facial muscles to reduce wrinkles and boosts collagen and for me is the absolute most effective treatment for anti-ageing and radiance.

6. How do I know what products to mix with each other?

To get personalised advice on which specific product combinations will work for your skin and how to get started with skincare mixology we recommend that you complete one of our Skin Prescriptions. It takes no more than a few minutes to complete and we aim to get back to you with your personalised regime within 48 hrs*. This will include a product selection specifically suited to your skin concerns, application techniques and blending suggestions.




If you have any further questions about skin care mixology, product combinations or specific skincare concerns you have we are more than happy to answer them. You can get in touch via email - or feel free to message us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


*This can take a little longer in busy periods. Business days only.