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Good news we deliver to United States
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Summer's 10 commandments

Treat your skin

Summer's 10 commandments

A new routine to look gorgeous under the sun, products that make you glow and many other tips to stay beautiful all summer



1. Exfoliate for a better tan

About to go ona seaside vacation? A week before leaving, treat yourself to a well-beingsession at the Beauty Workshop inthe Anne Semonin beauty institute. Then continue regularly exfoliating yo

ur skin
gently with 
the exfoliating shower gel. You'll get rid of accumulated dead skin cells and will get a lovely even tan during your holiday.


2. Moisturise from head to toe

well-moisturised skin is also well-protected against the drying effects of the sun and heat. Apply a body moisturising cream after every moment you spent in the sun, like one from the Anne Semonin "Summer Memories" line. Also, use the Gel Mask once or twice a week to maintain your glow and your tan. 


3. Eat skin-friendly foods 

The more colour in your plate, the more vitamins there are! Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables--liketomatoes, eggplant, courgettes, melon, peaches and apricots -- which are water-rich to moisturise your skin from the inside. 


4. Clean your skin 

Holidays or not, your skin will always need cleansing. At this time your face is exposed towind, sand, seawater, sunscreen and sweat, so it needs to be cleaned each night to eliminate the impurities collected duringthe day. Use Anne Semonin's Oligo Cleansing Gel enriched with red algae to deep-cleanse your skin. 


5. Find the best serum

Winter and summer, you need a skin routine that matches the seasons and the problems that come with them. Theserums at Anne Semonin have been specially formulated to answer specific skincare needs. The Phytarose serum has an "SOS" multi-function formula created for skins damaged by the sun and cold. It prepares your skin for sun exposure, repairs it and brings out your tan. It is essential skincare that protects and re-moisturises your skin during your holidays. Use it 30 days before sun exposure, and don't forget to pack it in your toiletries bag! 


6. Add an SPF

Whether you're in town, in the mountains or on the shore, UV rays are strongest when the sun's shining. So it's important to protect your skin from burning and rapid aging. Oligo Protect Cream from Anne Semonin has SPF30 that acts as a protective shield against UVA and UVB rays. It also contains marine extracts that strengthen and preserve the skin while maintaining optimal tissue moisture levels. 


7. Limit your exposure

We're all for feeling the lovely sunshine on our skin, but we're dead set against the damage that UV rays can do. To stay safe and prevent your skin from agingprematurely, avoid going in the sun between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m., and remember to wear a hat! 


8. Lighten your beauty routine

Use travel-size, two-in-one products to lighten your load. Here are our recommendations from Anne Semonin for your summer toiletry case: the Discovery Kit which is ideal for cabin luggage; body oils; the large-size or single-dose exfoliating mask; Express Radiance Ice Cubes; and our reusable cellulose sponges.


Breathe the sea air 

The sea air is well-known for its purity, since it has fewer pollutants and contaminants than city air and helps our lungs function properly. 


Rich in negative ions, the sea air also has an ion that's indispensable in helping our body resist daily health threats. Most Anne Semonin products are made from essential elements and marine extracts to help skin stay healthy. It's a great way to add the benefits of the sea into your beauty routine. 


10. Extend your glow beyond your return 

We have the secret to extending your summer glow into September! Anne Semonin Glow face care is a real anti-oxidant, anti-aging explosion that naturally intensifies, heightens and prolongs your tan.  Its bi-phase formula contains moisturising, nourishing vegetable oils like buriti. It has a high concentration of beta-carotenes and is reputed to absorb a good portion of UV rays and seal up free radicals. It's perfect for extending your tan and making your skin softer and more glowing, as soon as you return from your holidays!