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What is cellulite ?


 No one likes cellulite, yet we all have it (or almost all of us). As our 30th birthday approaches, it creeps onto our hips, thighs and bottom with the firm intent of staying there forever. 




 What is cellulite ?


Our body is so smart, it has cells especially created to store fat. These cells can inflate to 60 times their volume, so there's plenty of storage space -- and if they fill up too much, they deform the skin's fibrous network and make it easy for fatty tissue to be formed. The skin's surface becomes padded and filled, the well-known "orange-peel" effect of cellulite.


Cellulite may be caused by many things

A diet with too much fat and sugar

Bad circulation which could be hereditary

Hormonal changes

An overly sedentary lifestyle 


Though not at all dangerous to your health, cellulite is unattractive on smooth skin and can make many women self-conscious. Proper treatment can give you convincing results, as well as better quality skin and, possibly, a better quality of life! 




A varied diet 


Metabolism starts to slow down around age 30. That's why the sugary treats you could swallow without a thought in your twenties, suddenly go directly to your hips today! 


Let us explain. When you eat a lot of sugar, it boost insulin production.  That's a hormone that activates fat cells. Sugar in the body changes into glycogen and gets stored in our fat cells, forming the orange-peel effect. 


So it's best to have a well-balanced diet that includes proteins, fruits, vegetables and starches. 



Keep moving


This is especially for those who work in offices and those who are seated most of the day.  When you remain static for long periods, your lower limbs are no longer efficiently doing their job of pumping your venous and lymphatic systems every time they flex. This inevitably causes cellulite to appear on your thighs and bottom. The easiest solution? Keep walking to keep it all moving! 


By keeping your muscles active, you keep your metabolism from slowing down, and you make it easier to burn fat. 


Beauty products:  your secret allies 


Beauty products for the body help fight against cellulite with plant-based ingredients. 

Anne Semonin has perfected a smoothing gel, that acts deep inside fat cells, protecting them from oxidization to keep them from malfunctioning. As a result, it restricts the amount of fat stored and prevents nodes from forming. 


To strengthen its effectiveness, the Lipoliss Intense Anti-cellulite Gel gel also contains caffeine, a very effective fat burner, and marine algae to boost toxin draining.


You massage it on your dry skin in the morning with a circular motion. Its gel consistency penetrates your skin without leaving a greasy residue, ideal for when you're in a hurry. For even greater effectiveness, combine it with the Lipoliss Intense Firming Body Serum targeting the thighs, bottoms, hips and stomach areas. When you use it regularly every day, you will quickly notice a difference.  



Learn to love yourself 


Most importantly of all, we must stop vilifying cellulite so much -- usually it's simply been hidden or photo shopped. However 90% of women have it -- in other words, you, your best friend, and every celebrity! So we should go easier on ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to others. Let's forget our hang-ups and just concentrate on what's good for us, starting with taking care of ourselves.


You can find more of our suggestions on our blog Feeling good about yourself.


When you apply your creams, take the time to really give yourself a massage, like a true moment of self-care. It's a great time to relax in a bath, and exfoliate your body with Nude Body Scrub exfoliant. 


Once a week or a month, treat yourself to a spa session where Anne Semonin products are used, giving your spirit and your body a way to regenerate. Taking care of your body like this also means loving it with all its flaws and perfections. It works every time!