Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Week 1: The Journey to Radiance Begins

Josie Week 1 - Buy Express Radiance Ice Cubes

Our bloggers have been using their personally prescribed Anne Semonin regimes for a week so we thought we would check in and see how they are doing.


How did you find the skin prescription experience?

Josie: Very informative - I loved having a unique prescription and it being such a personal approach. There's so many options when it comes to skincare that it's great to have the opportunity to speak to an expert and receive products that you KNOW will work for you! 
Freya: Very useful! I was impressed that Marianne, the skin expert, was able to find products to tackle both the oily and dry areas of my face since I have combination skin.
Kate: The skin prescription service was so easy to use and I was really excited to start the regime!

Freya Week 1: Buy Extreme Comfort Cream

How is your skin reacting after the first week of using Anne Semonin?

J: Skin overall feels calmer. On application my skin seems to be drinking in the product, as though it really needed the additional nourishment! 
F: Very well! I have not had any new breakouts and my skin is looking increasingly radiant.
K: This week my skin was feeling particularly unhappy so I reached for the Mineral Mask to aid recovery, which had an amazing effect on my skin.


What was the most noticeable difference so far?

J: The way that the Radiance Ice Cubes give my skin an immediate glow is the most noticeable difference; my eye bags are a main concern but I find them much less noticeable after pressing the Radiance ice cubes over them for a few moments in the morning. 
F: My skin is not getting oilier as the day goes on like it usually does. Instead, it is staying reasonably hydrated thanks to my morning beauty regime.
K: After using the Mineral Mask my skin was brighter and felt renewed.


Kate Week 1 - Buy Mineral Mask

What are your tips for having healthy, beautiful skin?

J: Drink more water! Also nourishing your skin from the inside and the outside. 
F: Drink lots of water! Since I have been more hydrated each day my skin has felt fresher and firmer.
K: Stay hydrated!


At Anne Semonin we believe that everyone's skin is unique which is why we offer a bespoke prescription service to our customers. Want to find the perfect products to work with your skin? Click below to fill in our questionnaire and one of our Anne Semonin experts will suggest the perfect regime.


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