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Good news we deliver to United States
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Week 2: Settling in to the regime

Josie & Freya Week 2

Our bloggers are half way into the #FindMyGlow challenge, this week we get their exclusive tips on using our Express Radiance Ice Cubes


How are you finding your Anne Semonin regime?

Josie: My skin is starting to become very 'regular' and reliable, with no 'bad skin days' and no oiliness in the afternoons. My skin seems calm. After usually trying out lots of different brands and products, my skin is loving sticking to just one brand, as the products really complement each other and work well together. 
Freya: By the second week of using my Anne Semonin regime, the products have become part of my everyday beauty routine. It feels really nice to use the same products and see their effects day by day.
Kate: I am finding it really lovely sticking to a simple yet effective regime using one skincare brand. The products have a really luxe feel about them, and they all have an amazing scent and texture which reminds me of a real in-spa experience.

What do you think of the Express Radiance Ice Cubes?

J: They are a life saver. I'm addicted to them! They're my favourite part of my skincare routine and I use them in the morning whilst I'm waiting for the kettle to boil! They really wake me up! 
F: They’re fantastic! It’s so nice to relax with my feet up and use the Express Radiance Ice Cubes – they’re perfect for a pampering session.
K: I think they're amazing! I was travelling from London to Miami this week and found them really effective at brightening and refreshing my skin after the long-haul flight.


Kate Week #2 Update

What is your Anne Semonin product of the week?

J: The Express Radiance Ice Cubes are still a hero of mine, but this week I have also been loving the two-step serums (Balancing Intensive Complex). I love the products that I apply before bed, because you can tell your skin is benefitting overnight.  Find out more about Josie's beauty regime in her Beauty Favourites video here.
F: The Express Radiance Ice cubes! My sister and I had a little ‘Spa At Home’ evening where we painted our nails, read magazines and had a glass of wine. The ice cubes were so relaxing, and made our skin feel so refreshed.
K: Express Radiance Ice Cubes! They were a saviour for my skin during long flights and late nights in Miami.


Having healthy skin isn't just about the products you use, it's about lifestyle. What's your beauty tip this week?

J: I've loved making breakfast smoothies packed full of skin loving ingredients, including chia seeds, banana, spirulina, and flax seed! (Sounds gross but they are yummy, honestly!) 
F: I’ve been having avocados and eggs on toast (sometimes with some salsa or Tabasco to add a kick) as avocados are rich in healthy acids, vitamins and antioxidants that I find really improve my complexion…and it’s yummy..
K: This week, I continued to use the Mineral Mask - but I tried mixing it with the Gel Mask, as recommended by the Anne Semonin Therapist during my consultation. This has helped to recharge my tired skin after long-haul flights. This paired with the Ice Cubes was the perfect combination!


At Anne Semonin we believe that everyone's skin is unique, which is why we offer a bespoke prescription service to our customers. Want to find the perfect products to work with your skin? Click below to fill in our questionnaire and one of our Anne Semonin experts will suggest the perfect regime.


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Product of the Week: Express Radiance Ice Cubes