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Good news we deliver to United States
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Week 3: Feeling Radiant

Freya Week 3

This week is all about pampering for our bloggers in their journey to radiant skin. We reveal their individual radiance rituals. 


How are you finding your Anne Semonin regime are you noticing a difference?

Josie: My skin is really getting used to the products – the lotions sink in instantly and my skin instantly feels much more nourished. The effects are becoming less dramatic as my skin seems to have improved so much. 
Freya: My skin is firmer and less oily. I noticed this after the second week and it’s continued which is great!
Kate: This week my skin was going through one of its usual ‘sensitive’ phases but I found I was still able to use the Express Radiance Ice Cubes to refresh my skin and add radiance during this time. I have noticed an amazing difference to my skin - most notably, the decongestion lines on my forehead have reduced in appearance.

What do you think of the Masks?

J: They’ve become my favourite part of the skincare routine! I have to hide them from Charlie because he keeps trying to pinch them! 
F: Very luxurious. I usually just use my fingers but the Anne Semonin Applicator Brush makes it much easier to apply evenly.
K: I LOVE the masks - as I mentioned in week 1 the Mineral Mask is a favourite of mine and really helped to pull my skin through a few breakouts. Receive and exclusive 20% off the Mineral Mask with my discount code KATE20.


Josie Week #3 Update

What is your Anne Semonin product of the week?

J: I’d say the moisturiser as I’m really noticing a lovely glow to my skin after I apply it – I even went without makeup one day this week!
F: The Cream Mask! I had a couple of days where I forgot to use my tissue serum and face cream…oops! So this helped restore some moisture and give my skin back that glow! Receive 20% the Anne Semonin Cream Mask when you use my discount code FREYA20.
K: The Balancing Intensive Complexes are at the centre of my routine. Every evening I apply 5 drops of each together and have found that this really helps to regulate my skin and enhance radiance. The oils felt so luxurious and have a similar feel to having a treatment in a spa. The scents were divine – especially pre-sleep!


What's your pamper regime when you want to treat yourself?

J: Definitely a long bath with candles lit, no technology, just a book or a magazine. Last Sunday I used the Anne Semonin Gel Mask and my skin felt so hydrated and ready for the week ahead! You can get 20% off the Gel Mask with my personal discount code JOSIE20.
F: I run a bath and relax in the bubbles with a glass of wine and a copy of vogue. Turning my phone off feels like such a luxury as I love a little digital detox to clear my head and have a calming evening.



Product of the Week: Express Radiance Ice Cubes



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