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Good news we deliver to United States
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Week 4: #FindMyGlow challenge how did they do?

Josie Week 4

This week is all about pampering our bloggers in their journey to radiant skin. We reveal their individual radiance rituals. 


After a month of using Anne Semonin, the big question: do you notice a difference?

Josie: Absolutely. My skin is far more reliable; no more bad skin days, and I’m confident that when I wake up in the morning there'll be no surprises. My makeup is sitting better and lasting longer, and the glow is something I’ve never achieved from even the most luxurious facials.
Freya: Yes! I try such a huge variety of skincare products for my blog that I rarely get time to get into a regular beauty regime, so I’ve loved seeing the change on my skin. As well as being firmer, it’s been getting less oily throughout the day which has resulted in real radiance for my skin.
Kate: My skin has appeared clearer, but also more radiant – especially on my cheeks and under-eye area. The dehydration lines on my forehead (which I'm convinced are related to the environmental effect of living in London) improved more than I have ever seen using the regime.

Josie Week #4 Update


What is your favourite product(s) and why?

J: Ooh, I think the the ice cubes. I've really enjoyed using them, and as my under-eye bags were my biggest concern, I’d have to say that I’ve been most impressed with them. 
F: The Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes, because I’ve never experienced anything like them!
K: Express Radiance Ice Cubes - Amazing post-flight from Miami. Extremely radiance inducing and really refreshing to the skin area. Even during my sensitive phase in week three.


Would you recommend Anne Semonin to others?

J: Yes, definitely. I want everyone to know how fab the products are – everyone needs to try it.
F: I already have! My friends tried out the mask and ice cubes with me during an evening of pampering. They loved them too.
K: Yes, sticking to one brand and regime religiously for the month has changed the way I look at my skincare. Being consistent with something that works is not only therapeutic and enjoyable to apply, but has resulted in a beautifully luminous and brighter complexion. 10/10 luxe skincare.


Are you going to continue using Anne Semonin?

J: I’ve already stocked up on the Ice Cubes, and will definitely keep using all of the products. Thanks so much for letting me have the opportunity to get involved with the Anne Semonin Four Weeks to Radiance Campaign.
F: The Tissue Serum and Extreme Comfort Cream are part of my morning makeup routine now so I'll definitely be continuing to use them.


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