Look after your gaze, discover Eye Care mixology
Do you have fine lines, bags and dark circles around your eyes? At Anne Semonin, we have the solution to make them disappear and reveal all the intensity of your gaze, with the perfect Eye Care combination.

In the world of beauty, Mixology is the combination and association of several products. These different skincare products act in synergy for effectiveness and long-lasting action. For an Eye Care routine, the Tissue Serum is used with the Mineral Mask.

Ultra-light and ideal for moisturizing and strengthening skin, Tissue Serum is also effective to target fine lines around your eyes. Applied before bedtime or under your day cream, this superhero Serum is a concentrate of seawater enriched with trace elements.

Formulated with marine collagen and Gingko biloba, it tones the skin and activates oxygenation of cells. When mixed with the Mineral Mask, which is rich in marine extracts with regenerating qualities, the blend is applied in a thick layer under the eyes, left on for 5 to 10 minutes, then removed with damp cotton wool. Detoxified, drained of toxins, your gaze is relieved and reveals its luminosity again.

Through Eye Care mixology, your new routine to optimize your gaze, you have the right long-term duo capable of erasing your dark circles, fine lines and persistent bags under the eyes. Don’t wait another day and refresh tired eyes.

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