The ultimate daily skincare routine for in your 40s


Can you still turn heads when you’re over 40? Absolutely! Even though, around this age, the skin starts to show signs of aging and lose its natural glow. But what are the causes of weakened and imbalanced skin? And why do wrinkles deepen and does the skin lose its luminosity?


The beauty experts at Anne Semonin are always happy to answer these questions and offer invaluable tips for maintaining your skin’s youthful radiance.


Adopt a daily beauty routine that meets your skin’s needs, and you can win the battle against the signs of premature aging!


Why does my skin change after the age of 40?

The fact that our skin changes with age is unavoidable. This effect is caused by two main influences: internal, such as genetics, lifestyle, and environment, and external, such as sun exposure and UV rays, sleep deprivation, smoking, pollution, stress, and having an unbalanced diet.

All of these external factors damage your skin by causing inflammation and accelerating the processes of oxidation and glycation (which stiffens collagen fibres). Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen year-round and be mindful of the external factors that could cause harm to your skin.

How are wrinkles formed?

Wrinkles and fine lines start to show around our 30s. They first appear on the eye contours (see our article on Eye Contour and the Mixology), because the skin is fragile and very thin in this area.

The reason? Transepidermal water loss and decreased production of hyaluronic acid dehydrate the skin. Blinking and excessive facial expressions (smiling, crying, grimacing, etc.) also leave their mark on our face, forming so-called “expression lines”. Gradually, wrinkles start to appear on the forehead, and then around the mouth and lips.


Wrinkles at 40: why are they different?

Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes less plump. That’s when wrinkles deepen. This is primarily due to a decrease of both elastin and collagen, two essential proteins which keep our skin firm and youthful. As we age, collagen fibers become thicker, coarser, and less structured.

The production of hyaluronic acid also decreases and lessens our skin’s ability to retain moisture. Moreover, a gradual loss of muscle mass means our skin loses its volume and starts to sag – usually around the age of 50. Therefore, it’s important to massage your face and practice facial yoga or facial gymnastics daily to stimulate the skin and muscles.

Why does the skin lose its radiance?

As we age, several factors cause the skin to lose its radiance. Dryness and roughness occur due to changes in the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis.

Additionally, the skin becomes thinner and the keratinocytes slow down their renewal, becoming less aligned and different in shape, size, and colour. With a decrease in melanocytes, which produce melanin, there is less ability to tan and protect from UV radiation.

Lastly, aging causes the cutaneous vascular and lymphatic systems of the skin to become less efficient, resulting in a paler complexion and a less radiant look.


The best anti-wrinkle routine for the over 40s

Do not worry, you can preserve your skin’s youthfulness if you adopt a beauty routine that is tailored to its needs. Anne Semonin’s Dheanne Cream suits all skin types and gives you smoothened and plumped skin. The cream’s Mexican wild yam hydrates and stimulates skin repair while vitamins A and E slow down the aging process.

Use the Super Active Cream to lift your skin and improve its radiance. The rejuvenating must-have contains a peptide that works like Botox and results-driven active ingredients, like wrinkle-filling myrrh resin, trace elements, vitamins A, B, C, E, and seaweed extracts.

Switch to Anne Semonin’s Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 on sunny days to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin from further damage.

Pro tip: Use the Exfoliating Mask once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells, brighten your complexion, and prepare it for the application of anti-aging products. Then, apply the Gel Mask (revitalizing & radiance boosting), the Mineral Mask (remineralizing & rebalancing), or the Night Regenerating Mask). And don't forget to apply the products to your neck and décolleté!

Use an anti-wrinkle or anti-aging serum

If you are not using a serum yet, then now is the time to start! Containing a high concentration of active ingredients, serums are very powerful products. With their fast-absorbing texture, they penetrate the skin immediately. This is especially good for people over 40! Choose a serum with “double action” hyaluronic acid, such as the Firming & Lifting Serum with pure gold 24k.

The hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight smoothens and plumps the skin immediately, while the hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight hydrates it deeply. The innovative product also contains a collagen booster complex to firm the skin, and gold extracts to improve its radiance. Apply every morning under your day cream, or on its own in the evening, after cleansing your skin with Botanical Milk and Botanical Toner.

Pro tip: Treat tired, sluggish skin to the Precious Serum a hard-working night-care product powered by vegetable oils and precious essential oils. Apply it on its own in the evening on a cleansed face and your skin will thank you!


Take care of your eye area

The eye contour needs special attention. It is the thinnest and most fragile area of the face, and, as a result, ages the fastest. The solution? Strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic film to drain the tissues and combat wrinkles for a smoothened and refreshed look!

The Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream, our favourite in the Anne Semonin range, contains sea retinol to stimulate cell renewal and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.

It also comprises hyaluronic acid, extracts of seaweed, and vitamin B3 (niacinamide). The cream’s ingredients work together to prevent and treat dark circles and puffiness. The Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a real beauty must-have!

Pro tip: Apply the the Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes in the morning or before going out. Enriched with plant-based active ingredients, the cubes refresh, lift, and illuminate tired eyes instantly. Use the Eye Express Radiance Cubes and say goodbye to dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles!

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