In your fight against sagging skin on your face and body, there is only one solution: cryotherapy. This method using the cold is recognized to slow the ageing of cells and stimulate the skin’s natural function.

So treat your skin to an instant rejuvenating effect by tightening pores and your skin. Here are the helpful skincare tips to apply and follow.


Anne Semonin ice cubes to use at home

The cold acts in four specific ways that benefit your skin; shrinking blood vessels to accelerate draining of damaged cells, smoothing the skin, contracting and dilating for better absorption of creams and serums and producing a radiant effect. The Anne Semonin ice cubes are the solution to metamorphosize your skin.

The Anne Semonin ice cube collection includes Express Radiance with wild indigo, marine spring water and red micro-algae. The Eye Express Radiance with marine spring water, hesperidine, hyaluronic acid, wild indigo, ginkgo biloba and squash extract. And the Precious Pearl ice cubes with Pearl extract, Edelweiss flowers, hyaluronic acid and silk protein. All combine the benefits of cryotherapy and the skin’s assimilation of cosmetic active ingredients present in the ice cubes.

In other words, the three targeted Anne Semonin ice cubes are not merely ice cubes fresh from your freezer, they are treatments that penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin using an incredible neuro-cosmetic action.

Stressed skin is relieved, signals sent via your nervous system from the action of Anne Semonin ice cubes are received directly by your epidermis which helps transform your skin. The compositions present in the ice cubes unleashed by the cold act instantly, as soon as they are applied.

All thanks to the natural, tailor-made and innovative know-how from the house of Anne Semonin.


Cryotherapy treatments at the Anne Semonin Atelier

Here is a routine to adopt to go even further with the process of using the cold temperature and active ingredients on your skin and give it a long-lasting boost by applying Anne Semonin ice cubes at home. The Atelier de Beauté offers sessions of Cryotherapy Radiance treatment, with facial cleansing, exfoliating, energizing lymphatic drainage, mask, massage and application of Express Radiance ice cubes.


As soon as this one-hour treatment is complete, your skin is firmer, glowing and rejuvenated. The Precious Pearls Firm & Lift treatment also combines the benefits of cold and precious pearl active ingredients rich in amino acids in combination with techniques of draining and lifting the skin, unique to the house of Anne Semonin.

The instant effect as you step out of the session is spectacular, with conclusive long-lasting results. 

Finally, the Cryotherapy Overall Slimming treatment by the Anne Semonin Atelier applies the benefits of cold to “orange peel” skin in three essential steps. A detoxifying scrub, a draining massage on specific zones, a detoxifying peel-off facemask, a colon massage and finished off with a massage using ice cold cryo-spheres.

Your body’s skin is smoother, your contours are firmer and toxins have been eliminated. It is a genuine boost for this Winter, through ice and cold, at home or in our Atelier…

Get ready to feel differently about the cold.


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