Lighten your routine while packing essential self-care items when traveling!

Packing is never an easy task, especially when you get to your toiletries bag. You may wish you could bring the contents of your entire vanity, but to avoid excess baggage charges you have to pick and choose.


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Travel light

Whether you're taking the train or a plane with just cabin luggage, you probably won't be able to bring your "full size" products.

If your favourite cosmetics are in containers over 100 ml, remember to put them in containers made for travel of 100-ml or less.


The Discovery Kit includes: two masks -- the Mineral Mask and the Exfoliating Mask a plant-based cleanser the Botanical Toner and makeup remover the Botanical Toner for daily skin cleaning without drying; an Express Radiance Ice Cube to revitalise tired skin during yourtrip; and a sample of super-active cream to apply just afterwards.


Necessities for your face

Whether you'releaving for a weekend or three weeks, you have to reduce your regimen down tothe strictly necessary.

Sun protection Anne Semonin

In the city, in the mountains orat the beach, a sunblock is always a summer must. The Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 moisturises and helps prevent skinageing. Its anti-UVA/UVB sunscreens form a protective barrier against UV raysand other environmental factors that could damage your skin.

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 Botanical Milk is an all-in-one skincare product that is used for cleaning yourskin morning and night. With an ultra-light texture, it removes makeup,impurities and toxins while leaving your skin clean, soft andsoothed. Rather than bringing packets of cotton pads, bringreusable Anne Semonin Cellulose Sponges that swell into a regular shape whenrinsed in warm water.

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For your serum, choose Phytarosa Serum. Ideal for summer, its double actionprepares your skin for the sun and heightens your tan during the day, whilesoothing and nourishing your skin in the evening.

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Never without your mask? Bring the Cream Mask with you as a night cream: just add 5 drops of Phytarosa Serum for repairing and deep-nourishing your skin after sunexposure. In this way, you can avoid dryness and peeling.

Finally, take advantage of your bronzed look to skip makeup entirely andlet your skin breathe. We recommend an eye/toner/lip palette, a waterproofmascara and lipstick for evenings out.


Necessities for the body

Anne Semonin pour le corps

Two days beforeleaving, schedule a complete body scrub session in one of our Anne Semoninspas. Pressed for time? Gently massage your skin in the shower with a circularmotion using Exfoliating Shower Gel or Nude Body Scrub. The exfoliating help eliminate dead cells andprepare your skin for the sun's gentle rays, giving you an even, lasting tan.

To protect your skin during the day, bring a sunscreen with a highprotection factor. In the evening, moisturise your skin aftershowering with one of the Anne Semonin Body Oils with a blend of high-quality plant oilsenriched with luxurious essential oils. Their 100 ml travel size makes themextremely practical! The hardest thing is trying to choose between the toning,refreshing Energising Body Oil, the anti-oxydant and anti-aging Vitamin Rich Body Oil, the cleansing and stimulating Detox Body Oil or the relaxing, sublime Nourishing Oil

Necessities for the plane

Long-haul flights arehard on your skin. The extremely dry air is dehydrating, while the lack ofsleep and jet lag prevents our cells from properly regenerating.

The night before yourdeparture, we suggest you use a hydrating facial mask like the Anne Semonin Mask Gel enriched withmarine elements and luxurious essential oils.
Eat fruits andvegetables that hold a lot of water. Remember to bring a few baby carrots andsome spears of cucumber, celery and apples as a snack. Andespecially, stay hydrated by drinking water frequently!

Hydrate your skin as often as needed with a cream. For example, the Dheanne Cream provides optimal protection against environmental factors, with diosgenin that activatescellular renewal.

To avoid dark circles, slip an Express Radiance Ice Cube into your bag to instantly lift andbrighten tired eyes.

Glacon_eclat_yeux_pour_cernes Anne Semonin

If your skin has a tendency to dry quickly during a long trip, wesuggest regularly moisturising your skin with a thermal water spray and apply amask for a few minutes. The Anne Semonin Daily Musts Coffret contains 4 kinds of single-use masks.Choosethe nourishing, soothing Cream Mask during the flight and the Gel Maskfor a dose of radiance and moisturising before you arrive.

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