Like you, yourskin needs nourishment. And to hydrate it, care for it, and protect it in thebest way possible, super-ingredients are here to make your skin flawless,radiant, and energized. Anne Semonin makes a point of formulating its skincarefrom the finest ingredients. Your skin deserves the most upmarket products possible. 

100% natural and effective activeingredients

Our unique andexclusive skincare formulas prove their worth on all skin types. And thiseffectiveness is due to the 100% naturalactive ingredients in the composition of our cosmetics. Super-ingredients, inother words the best nature has to offer, make up solid skincare foundations, oncemastered for your kind of skin. Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream by AnneSemonin, for example, has marine retinolas its central ingredient. Its effects are spectacular: it stimulates cellrenewal, restoring elasticity and tone. Goodbye dark circles, and sad dullskin.

In the same vein, marine spring water, a star ingredientin Super Active Serum, is an amazing super-ingredient compared to conventionalwater – frequently found in cosmetics. Why? Its super-effectiveness combinedwith other super-ingredients, naturalresin of myrrh and red micro-algae, lastingly fill fine lines and wrinkles andreplump your skin. Magic.

Rare super-ingredients of extremely highquality in our formulations

Mexican wild yam, neuro-cosmetics (to adjust nervoussystem functioning at the skin level), sealotus extract, Jania rubens extract, Eternelle Marine, and the botox-like actionof Peptide… You won’t see any ofthese super-ingredients anywhere else. Anne Semonin searched far and wide tofind the best of ingredients to create its products. Because your skin deservesit.

Anne Semonin putsits savoir-faire to work for you, offering excellence in the effectiveness ofour products. With super-ingredients as rare, powerful, and especially stimulatingas these, nothing can stop you. Not time, external aggressions, or even fatigue…We thank them.

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