Come on, it's decided: 2022 is the year to revise your beauty essentials! No more excuses to not take care of your skin like lack of time or skipping a step in your daily routine. With Anne Semonin, we use products that are good for the skin, good for the mood and good for the planet.




Resolution #1: I use the products that are good for my skin and the planet

Since its creation over 35 years ago, Anne Semonin has combined ingredients from nature with the latest research in cosmetology. The products are based on sea active ingredients, essential oils, plant extracts ... Now all its formulas are vegan, without animal suffering, and are developed in a clean beauty process, with respect of the skin and the planet. The packaging? They are sustainable. The fragrances? They are natural and smell of essential oils. A strong commitment, without concession on the effectiveness of the products and the beautiful sensoriality of the textures. And that is good for the mood!

Resolution #2: I adapt my beauty routine to my skin needs

For a beautiful skin all year round, it is important to take care of it with the right products. Its needs are not the same in winter and summer, when you are traveling, tired or in lazy mode, etc. Pioneering in tailor-made beauty: all Anne Semonin’s products can be combined the ones with the others. For a personalized beauty prescription, visit the Anne Semonin website, the Atelier de Beauté in Paris or one of the 200 spas by Anne Semonin!



Resolution #3: I stick to my daily routine

Focus on the main steps of your daily routine. Morning and evening, cleanse with Anne Semonin Oligo Cleansing Gel formulated with sea active ingredients. If you prefer make-up remover, consider the Botanical Milk, followed by a Toner (Botanical or Marine dedicated to combination / oily skin). On clean and dry skin, apply the Oligo Protect Cream SPF 30 in urban areas, the Super Active Cream if your face needs to be firmer and revitalized, the Extreme Comfort Cream for delicate and lack of hydration skin, etc. Finish with the Miracle Eye Cream, an Anne Semonin must-have. Your skin will be glowy and perfectly healthy!



Resolution #4: I adopt the ultimate touch with an exfoliator and a mask

Once or twice a week, your skin should be exfoliated to get rid of dead cells. At Anne Semonin, you have the choice between the Resurfacing Peel Mask and the double-action Exfoliating Mask, which promotes the disappearance of blackheads and refine the pores. You can complete the application of a mask to revitalize your skin (Mineral Mask), to firm (Firm & Lift Peel-Off Mask), to moisturize (Cream Mask) and to give a radiance boost (Gel Mask) ...! The Anne Semonin masks are true beauty concentrates: 5 to 10 minutes are enough to recharge your skin and obtain very good results.

Resolution #5: I do massage movements on my face every day

The massage is part of the Anne Semonin beauty rituals. It helps the penetration of active ingredients, reactivates the collagen production, stimulates the face muscles... Simply essential! Cleansing, make-up removal, product application, everything must be a pretext to cocoon your face, gently and in depth. Depending on the area, you can use the flat of your hand, the edge of your index fingers, the inside of your middle fingers, or a gua sha, this flat quartz stone. Using the structure of your face, massage each area upwards: eye area (be careful, fragile area!), Mouth, nasolabial fold, face contour, neck and décolleté. Listen to your needs and do it 5 to 10 minutes each evening, you will see the difference!



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