Body Perfection Routine

Re-shape your body!

With the summer ahead, taking care of your body and your well-being is at the heart of our concerns. Discover the Anne Semonin Body Perfection Routine, your must-have regime for the next season.



In a routine, the key part is to apply the different products in the right order and practice the right movements that you can use on both your body and your skin. Starting with the Nude Body Scrub, twice a week, apply in circular motions. Your circulation is activated, while your skin’s texture is refined, silky-smoothed.

Followed with the application of the Detoxifying Body Oil: the botanical and essential oils selected for their draining properties help eliminate the toxins while deeply nourishing the skin and awakening the senses…

Then comes the Lipoliss Intense Firming Body Serum, our lifting and firming superhero. Specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of slackening skin, the loss of
 firmness and elasticity from all areas of concern (décolleté, stomach, arms and legs).



We finish this routine by smoothing away the appearance of cellulite, using the Anti Cellulite Gel. It helps boost the elimination of fat and toxins, prevents the formation of adipocytes, improves firmness and is effective even on deeply dimpled skin.

The Anne Semonin Tips for ultimate effectiveness: mix the Firming Body Serum with the Anti Cellulite Gel and reinforce the draining action with a few drops of Detoxifing Intensive Complex and massage the blend in with firm, circular motions on cellulite prone areas.

Say goodbye to Cellulite. Add the above Anne Semonin body heroes to your pre-summer routine !

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