Between naps in the shade of a terrace and your gorgeous summer tan, the dark circles were discreet around your eyes and behind your sunglasses during the summer … But they may appear again in September! Don't panic: with a few beauty gestures, we'll tell you everything to help and permanently keep a fresh and sparkling look!

But where do these unwanted blue circles come from and that pop up under the eyes and make us look tired ...? A little physiology reminder: the eye contour is the thinnest and most fragile area of ​​the face. Constantly called upon (10,000 blinks on average per day!), It is sensitive and very vulnerable to various daily stressors: dazzling lights, sun, screens, dry air, stress, lack of sleep ... Over time, the skin becomes thinner and the blood vessels are more and more visible. The blood and lymphatic microcirculation slows down and the blood pigments are no longer properly drained from under the eyes.

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Puffiness and dark circles, what's the difference?

Bags under the eyes are mainly caused by a build-up of water and fat. In question: the poor functioning of the lymphatic vessels can be linked to a hereditary factor, to age or to an unbalanced lifestyle for example, lack of sleep, dehydration, alcohol consumption, poor diet and the list goes on…and before you know it you have dark circles that make your eyes look tired.


1.The right daily concealer routine

The eye area is poor in collagen, elastin and fat cells, all of which make the skin "plump". As a result, it dark circles more visable and requires daily care to maintain a young and luminous look. To put an end to dark circles and other unsightly marks, here is a simple routine to follow every day in your bathroom:

In the morning: after cleansing your face with Anne Semonin Oligo Cleansing Gel, tone your eye area by applying the Super Active Contour Serum. Its formula contains marine spring water with eminently hydrating and revitalizing power. It also contains wild indigo extract to de-stress the skin, squash extract and lysine to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Its action on dark circles, puffiness and signs of aging is stunning!

In the evening: once the face and eyes make up has been thoroughly removed with the Botanical Milk and Botanical Toner, apply the Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream. This gifted treatment with a light texture lives up to its name! Rich in sea retinol, vitamin B3, organic silicon and ash bark extract, it intensely hydrates, restructures collagen, plumps up and stimulates microcirculation. In short, its formula responds to all the problems of the eye contour: wrinkles, bags and dark circles. Your gaze regains its youth and original radiance ... in the blink of an eye!

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2. A tailor-made mask thanks to the Anne Semonin Mixology Concept

Twice a week, treat yourself to a made-to-measure anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness mask, thanks to the Anne Semonin mixology! In a cup, mix 5 drops of ultra hydrating Tissue Serum in a dab of Mineral Mask. Apply the mask under the eyes and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with an Anne Semonin Cellulose Sponge moistened with lukewarm water. This unique combination intensely hydrates and activates microcirculation. Its effect is immediate!

3.The Anne Semonin little extra for a sparkling look ...

For a quick boost in the morning, after a difficult night or in the evening before going out, consider the Express Radiance Eye Ice Cubes! Effective and smart, these single icy doses combine the action of cryotherapy (cold treatment) with a skincare formula rich in plant and marine ingredients: marine spring water to hydrate and improve skin elasticity, Ginkgo biloba to activate micro-circulation, squash extract to soothe tired eyes… There is also hyaluronic acid and bioflavonoids, particularly effective on dark circles.

Directions for use: Place the Ice Cubes in the freezer at least 3 hours before use. Once they've set, slip an Ice Cube into a small gauze pouch and run it around the eye area in circular motions. Then move down to the area between the eye and the nose. Repeat on the other side, then apply the Super Active Contour Serum or Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Dark circles and puffiness won't resist!

Our SOS beauty tip: if you don't have an Ice Cube, you can run the back of a cold spoon around the eye area. The freshness of the metal and the circular movements will reactivate the blood circulation and help reducing your dark circles.

4. Facial yoga to tone your eyes

Taking good care of your skin to maintain its density and radiance is essential. Stimulating the muscles of the face to prevent them from sagging and to preserve its youth is also very important! Here are 2 very easy exercises to tone and drain your eye area. A few minutes every day in front of your mirror is enough. Take your time and do them mindfully, to the rhythm of your breathing, avoiding making faces and widening your expression lines. And then, goodbye dark circles, bags and tired eyelids…!

1.Tonification of the upper eyelid: place your index fingers on your closed eyelids, pressing gently. Inhale well and block the breath. As you breathe out slowly and fully through your mouth, pretend you are trying to open your eyes under your index fingers. You can feel your eyes and eyelids twitch and exert a little resistance. Repeat 5 times.

2.Tonification of the lower eyelid: eyes open, make a chisel with the index and middle fingers of each hand, then place the middle finger under the inner corner of the eye, and the index finger on the outer corner. Inhale well and block the breath. As you breathe out slowly through your mouth, try to squint, looking at the area between your two eyebrows. Repeat 5 times.


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