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Intensive Complexes

Visibly restore the balance and beauty of your skin with these intensive treatments tailored to your skin's specific needs.
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  • Balancing Intensive Complex - Intensive Complexes - Anne Semonin Skincare
  • Firming Intensive Complex - Intensive Complexes - Anne Semonin Skincare
  • Soothing Intensive Complex - Intensive Complexes - Anne Semonin Skincare

Intensive Complexes

The professionally formulated collection of Intensive Complexes consists of essential oils and trace elements which are combined just before application to create a unique and powerful cocktail of active ingredients for each skin type including Firming Intensive Complex for mature skin, Balancing Intensive Complex for combination skin, Moisturizing Intensive Complex for dry skin and Soothing Intensive Complex for sensitive skin. Trace elements are the minerals required by the body in minute quantities for the growth, development and health of the skin and body. Essential Oils are aromatic oils obtained from plants that heal and soothe the skin and have been proven to work on the deeper layers of the skin. Trace elements are catalysts to essential oils by enhancing the effects of aromatherapy and replacing vital elements in the skin, lost due to stress and lifestyle. Together they combine to make a divine beauty product and truly regenerate skin.