Why choose Anne Semonin?

Efficacy. Simple as that. It works. Women and men who use Anne Semonin often rave about their skin feeling incredibly fresh and radiant, about a youthful glow.

Why is it so good?

Because the collection has been designed with this simple premise in mind: Everyone's skin is unique, and skin changes daily. We believe the most effective beauty products and treatments are based on a combination of a personal, made-to-measure prescription and a holistic approach based on your specific skin concerns.

Why is the Anne Semonin approach more effective?

Traditionally skincare has been formulated by skin type – normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive are the most common skin types – but what does 'normal' mean? What is 'dry' skin? All skin can be dry. All skin is sensitive. It's designed to be sensitive to all sorts of things. Sunlight, temperature, pollutants. The truth is you cannot categorise skin conveniently into three or four types. Or eight or nine. There are as many skin types as there are people on this planet. You are unique, so is your skin. And it feels different every day, as do you.

What do you mean by 'made-to-measure' skincare?

Made-to-measure skincare is about combining products to address your very specific skin concerns. For example, you can add a few drops of an intensive serum to your mask, cream or even a toner. That is your prescription. With Anne Semonin Spa treatments are tailored to your skin. By combining exclusive energetic drainage with various high-performance face and body treatment protocols such as cryotherapy and anti-gravity techniques our therapists can produce remarkable results.

But how does 'made to measure' skincare apply when I buy online?

The same personalised approach applies whether you are at home or in a spa. Your skin should be treated the same way – according to its needs. We aren't able to send a therapist to your home but if you buy Anne Semonin in a store our sales consultants will prescribe products according to your concerns. Alternatively you can create your own personalised prescription online. Complete a brief questionnaire and we will email our recommended prescription within 48 hours.

Why do most skincare companies stereotype my skin?

We can't answer for others but probably because it's easier. We live in a world of mass-produced 'one size fits all' products. A moisturiser or shower gel produced en masse might work for the majority of people it's aimed at. But it might not work for you. Or it might get results this week but not next week or next year. Skin changes. Needs change. Expectations change. That's why we tailor, as much as we can, products to your skin concerns at any given time.

Why does your website allow me to shop by skin type?

We classify products by skin concern, according to the solutions they offer – balancing, anti-ageing, radiance and so on but a few customers still prefer to shop by skin type. Ideally, when shopping online you will create your own prescription.

Isn't Anne Semonin also mass-produced?

No, it's produced in relatively small numbers. Our formulations are very carefully controlled. We remain an independent, privately owned company. In fact, we believe Anne Semonin is the only independent beauty company offering a complete range of skincare for the face and body for use in the spa and at home.

Why does independence matter?

It simply means we are free to do what we think is best for our customers. Many of the most familiar beauty brands are owned and managed by multinational conglomerates with very complex business structures and alliances that can lose sight of the customer. Being independent allows us to be more personal

Who is Anne Semonin?

She is our founder. Having worked alongside dermatologists for a number of years, Anne developed her expertise in treating and healing the skin before becoming a celebrity facialist to iconic stars such as Princess Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve. She moved away from traditional beauty regimes based on skin type to a made-to-measure and personally prescribed beauty concept she applied to beauty treatments and home skincare regimes for her clients at L’Atelier de Beaute in rue des Petit Champs, Paris. She then implemented this game-changing approach in the first “beauty farm”, the predecessor of the Spa, at Megeve in the French Alps in 1985.

What is the secret behind Anne Semonin formulations?

Anne Semonin is, as far as we know, the only beauty brand using trace elements in synergy with essential oils. This allows us to create a powerful cocktail of highly concentrated active ingredients that penetrate through the deepest layers of the skin, helping it to detoxify and regenerate rapidly.
We are also the only brand using the Energetic Drainage technique developed by Anne Semonin over 30 years ago. This signature massage technique, performed locally on the face, has the ability to stimulate the whole body, ensuring instant visible results. Combined with our superior product range, it is the reason why Anne Semonin facials are widely considered the best in the world.

Where can I find Anne Semonin?

Our products can be ordered via this website and selective retail locations. You can also experience the work of our therapists in over 200 Spas worldwide.