Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Body Treatments

 Caught up in the whirlwind of life we often forget the healing powers of completely relaxing. With the indulgent collection of relaxing body spa treatments from Anne Sémonin, you can unwind, giving you the chance to restore body and mind in a luxurious and tranquil setting. Whether you are pregnant and need to revive stressed muscles with a nourishing, soothing massage with the Anne Sémonin Pregnancy Therapy, or you wish you detoxify and boost circulation with the Anne Sémonin Detoxifying Spirulina Wrap, there's a bespoke spa body treatment waiting for you. From firming and slimming treatments to back and body massages, body sculpture and exfoliation, pamper yourself with Anne Sémonin luxury spa body treatments to enhance your happiness and wellbeing. 


Aroma Energiser

25min/ 55min/ 1h 25min Uplifting, energising, tension releasing

 Taken from the tradition of ayurveda the exotic, warming aroma of ginger stimulates and uplifts the senses. Enriched with vitamin E this delightfully nourishing oil is perfectly merged with classic deep tissue and stretching techniques to enliven the senses and release tension in the muscles.


Pure Rejuvenation

25min/ 55min/ 1h 25min Protecting, regenerating, smoothing

  Designed to deliver a flawless marriage of protective spa body treatment and pure relaxing care. Long, rhythmic strokes glide across the entire length of the body while the Omega 3 and 6 found in cranberry and vitamins A & E from olive oil penetrate the skin deeply achieving maximum skin regeneration.


Vital Detox

25min/ 55min/ 1h 25min Detoxifying, stimulating, refreshing

   The sublime synergy of lemongrass and peppermint is introduced into the body using specialized lymphatic techniques to effectively release toxins and stimulate circulation. The increased circulation improves drainage and leaves the body feeling light and refreshed.


Relax & Renew

25min/ 55min/ 1h 25min De-stressing, unwinding, restoring

  Hazelnut and sesame form a rich base of oils to facilitate the slow, flowing movements of this total body de-stress therapy. The lavender and mandarin infused oil permeates the skin easily releasing stored tension from deep within the muscles completely unwinding the entire body.


Cocooning Scrub & Massage Ritual

1h 25min Exfoliating, nourishing, soothing

  This ultimate exfoliating experience with the amazing Anne Semonin Nude Body Scrub. A luxurious blend of sea salts, white sand, pink quartz crystal powder and aromatic oils actively sweeps away dead skin cells, leaving skin wonderfully soft, silky, detoxified and youthfully radiant. The warming elements of the Nude Scrub create a cocooning sensation and elevate the spirits. Aromatic oils are applied all over the body to deeply nourish, soften and re-mineralize the skin, followed by a revitalizing exfoliation and body wrap. This spa body therapy concludes with a Haute Couture full body massage to re-awaken your senses.

Volcanic Thermal Stones

1h 15MIN Relaxing, warming, powerful

 Muscles yield to the gentle yet powerful warmth of the black basalt stones, releasing tension and imbuing a total sense of relaxation. The heated stones, infused with centuries of ancient energies are skilfully combined with the perfect blend of essential essences designed to stimulate the senses and unwind both body and mind.


Anti-Fatigue Back Remedy

55mIN Tension releasing, restoring back therapy

 An exceptional solution created to alleviate tension stored in the back, neck and shoulders and reduce fatigue. The exquisite combination of heat, minerals and oils begins with a generous application of self-heating mineral mud mask to release stiffness, strain and stress in the muscles. This is followed by a bespoke massage with blended oils just right for your needs. Both energizing and relaxing, this spa back treatment leaves the whole body with a complete sense of well-being.



55mIN Anti-cellulite, firming, toning action

 “Au revoir” dimpling and uneven skin. Anne Semonin fights small cushions and cellulite with its new 3-phase spa body treatment cure. Inspired by cryotherapy techniques, an ultra-cold treatment designed to shock the body into action by revving up blood circulation and boosting the immune system. Followed by a specially designed detox massage using an active ingredients complex of brown and red algae and a firming body mask application on problematic areas. The result: your legs are left feeling refreshed; skin tone is visibly improved and the skin contour looks firmer and more even after just one treatment. For the perfect and long lasting result, a series of treatments is recommended.



Supreme Anti-Ageing Manicure

45mIN Luxurious, hydrating, brightening dark spots

Cuticles and nails are gently refined and shaped to perfection following an application of a self heating scrub. Age spots and dehydration benefit from the introduction of the Anne Semonin Anti-ageing hand cream. Acting like an invisible glove this intensely nourishing, easily absorbed cream will have your hands radiating health and a youthful glow.


Perfect Feet Pedicure

45mIN Smoothing, moisturizing, stimulating

The perfect foot treatment begins with a deep exfoliation and hydrating foot mask, which together, smooth and soften the skin. Once nails are shaped and cuticles tidied the legs and feet are treated to a cooling, stimulating application of toning leg gel. The feet and legs feel velvety smooth and lighter than air.


Nude Scrub

45mIN Moisturising, nourishing, soothing

 An express exfoliation with the Anne Semonin Nude Sea Salt & White Sand Body Scrub, leaving skin smooth and hydrated. The warming and nourishing qualities of this scrub ensure a soothing spa body experience and visible results.


Mineral Polish Express

25mIN Made to measure body treatments

  Anne Semonin has created four luxurious spa body smoothing treatments, combining the effective results of a salt scrub with the highest quality of essential oil blends. To make your experience truly your own, choose from any one of the following to suit your mood and your needs:

With ginger and vitamin E to ease muscle tension and boost circulation.
A powerful blend of cranberry and olive oils, bursting with anti-oxidants, to restore the skins natural radiance.
The stimulating peppermint and lemongrass enlivens the senses and expedites removal of toxins.
A subtle blend of pure essential oils to release stored tension and soothe body and mind .


Aroma Salt Fusion

55min Re-mineralising, nourishing, de-stressing

A tailor made spa body treatment designed to boost the absorption of minerals through the skin. Warming oil is applied to the body and followed by an exfoliating layer of Aromatic salts. Once scrubbed, the body is wrapped and a deliciously rich, penetrating botanical hair mask is massaged into the scalp for the ultimate de-stress.


Pure Detox Wrap Experience

55min Detoxifying, purifying, uplifting

Wrap your body in a cocoon of Spirulina micro-algae to stimulate toxin release and purify the skin. A pre-wrap scrub of sea salt, combined with uplifting lemongrass and peppermint body oil, prepares the skin for the green algae and laminaria body mask, rich in iodine and powerful marine elements. Together these dynamic ingredients purify, energise and help reduce inches.


Hydra-Intense Wrap Experience

55min Soothing, re-hydrating, healing

A wonderfully gentle spa body treatment suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Choose from anti-oxidant or relaxing oil blended with the delicate mineral rich Noirmoutier Sea Salt to exfoliate and nourish. An envelope of Deep Moisturize Mask encases the body replenishing nutrients as it instantly heals and hydrates.


Anne Semonin Ultimate Indulgence

2h Unadulterated pleasure from top to toe!

This spa treatment begins with an exfoliation of the back followed by a tailored full body massage. A skin specific facial treatment, complete with a hand and foot massage, completes the total experience for face and body. With its intensely soothing scalp massage, the outcome of this elegantly designed treatment is a flawless complexion and a deep release of stress and tension throughout the entire body.


Absolute Rejuvenation


Beginning with the exclusive signature touches of Anne Semonin, lose yourself in an ultimate blend of wellbeing and inner peace. Aromatic oils and salts dance across the skin in a symphony of texture and scents, smoothing and polishing your body from top to toe. This ritual concludes with the perfect facial, centred around the anti-oxidant Anne Semonin Oligo product range, surging the skin with total hydration and revealing a radiant complexion.


Heavenly Anti-Stress Face and Body Experience


A synergy of heat and cold is the essence of this truly exceptional experience combing a relaxing back therapy and anti-ageing facial treatment. The creamy, rich mixture of self-heating clay and algae melts away deep-seated tension throughout the back of the body while the feet and legs are massaged. The senses are further stimulated with an advanced cryotherapy facial, using the Anne Semonin Express Radiance ice cubes infused with powerful ingredients to support the skin at a cellular level, as the whole body experiences a rush of complete well being.



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