Radiance on prescription

Anne Semonin is a luxury French brand, created more than 30 years ago. Forerunner of the spa, it combines riches drawn from nature, the latest research in cosmetology and professional expertise to accompany tailor-made beauty routines, in the spa or in your bathroom.

With products and treatments to accompany the beauty of every woman and the well-being of every man; whatever the age or skin type; in harmony with the nature of the skin and the lifestyle (fatigue, stress, hormonal imbalance...), to help it reveal all its freshness and radiance. A pioneer of the "made-to-measure" concept, the Anne Sémonin brand offers an exclusive range of face and body treatments in the most prestigious spas and beauty workshops. Quintessence of "made in France" cosmetic expertise.


The concept of Custom-made products is based on the mixology and synergy of Essential Oils, Trace Elements, marine and plant active ingredients.

Because each skin is unique, varies with the seasons and holds the secrets of its own radiance, Anne Semonin products are designed to be combined with each other: ready-to-use serums and intensive complexes of essential oils and trace elements are combined with creams, masks, scrubs bursting with plant extracts, ingredients of marine origin or active ingredients derived from biotechnology. They act in synergy to protect and repair in depth thanks to their maximum concentration of active ingredients.

Discover your personalised care programme with Anne Sémonin Beauty Prescription!

Made to measure skincare on prescription

Anne Semonin brand invented the concept of spa and beauty workshop in the 1980s.

In these exceptional places dedicated to beauty and overall well-being, treatments and products are "prescribed" by expert beauticians, thanks to skin diagnosis, for tailor-made services.

Product quality, diversity of face and body treatments, a wealth of protocols combining traditional and exclusive methods: the Anne Sémonin menu is wide and varies according to the spirit of the place.

A specialist in spa treatments, that combines beauty treatments and recognized techniques - drainage, hydrotherapy, body wraps, acupressure... For a global care, conducive to revitalization and luminous beauty.

Targeted and innovative protocols

At the heart of its protocols are energy drainage and cryotherapy.

Energy drainage is the signature technique of the Anne Sémonin brand. Based on the fact that each skin is unique and that its state is linked to the metabolism of the individual, energy drainage is practiced locally; the points of digipuncture stimulating the very specific zones of the body.

Cryotherapy is the "care by the cold". By acting on the blood vessels, which contract and dilate under the effect of the cold, cryotherapy accelerates the penetration of the active ingredients, drains toxins, smoothes the skin and gives the complexion a radiant glow.

Anne Semonin, the radiance-revealing beauty brand.