Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Ice Cubes

Keep these miraculous beauty pick-me-ups for face and eyes in the freezer, ready for whenever you need to revitalise skin in a hurry.
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Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes and cryotherapy skincare for eyes, face and neck


Cryotherapy is an innovative area of anti-ageing skincare therapy in which Anne Semonin is making pioneering strides.

By rapidly constricting blood vessels, 'icing' – massaging the skin using face ice cubes packed with essential oils and trace elements derived from plants and minerals helps reduce skin redness and inflammation, suppress puffiness and minimise the appearance of pores. It's the ultimate quick fix when your skin is looking tired, grey and lacklustre.

Our supercharged cubes of ice for eyes, face and neck are specifically formulated to boost skin tightening and enhance radiance – the result being a complexion that instantly looks fresher and more youthful with a healthy-looking face glow.

Using Anne Semonin face and eyes ice cubes is easy. You put the cubes (8 per pack, in freezer-ready trays) in your freezer for at least three hours, then when ready to apply remove a single ice cube from the mould and wrap in the gauze provided to prevent ice 'burn'. Then slide slowly across your face, neck and décolleté – ideally from neck to forehead – allowing the 'ice' to melt.

There are three products within the cryotherapy collection: Express Radiance Ice Cubes are the perfect perk-me-up prior to applying make-up, instantly revitalising tired skin with marine spring water, red seaweed and evening primrose oil.

Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes help to refresh, lift and brighten tired eyes in seconds. They're great for treating dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles and a perfect partner to Express Radiance Ice Cubes. The cubes are rich in naturally active ingredients such as gingko biloba to stimulate micro-circulation.

Finally, Precious Pearl Ice Cubes promote skin radiance while boosting skin firmness. Apply them on your skin in the morning or in the evening before going out (and pre make-up) to moisturise, minimise the appearance of pores and leaves a subtly alluring shimmer that's perfect for special occasions.

They're also great for reducing dark spots on hands.