2021, the year of detox: 5 resolutions.

Air pollution particles, stress, and blue light all put our skin to thetest. That's why, in 2021, it makes sense to focus on resolutions that reveal yourradiance, care for it, preserve it, and above all, detoxify it. Here are our tips onhow to make a great fresh start this new year.

First resolution, cleanse your skin.

Anne Semonin Oligo Cleansing Gel, madeusing red seaweed, allows a gentle deep cleansing of the skin against pollutionparticles. Used in the morning, the gel eliminates sebum accumulated overnight,and used in the evening to remove makeup. Its plant-based composition eliminatesdead cells and removes impurities.

Second resolution, apply the Anne Semoni Mineral Mask.

This treatment rich in marine extracts regenerates your skin, with long-lastingeffects. Your skin is immediately clean and fresh, thanks to lemon, hops, horsetail,pine, and rosemary extracts that detoxify, tighten pores, and restore yourskin’s balance. It’s a boost for the skin, especially as the year begins.

Third resolution, treat your skin with adaptedoils.

Anne Semonin created  Detoxifying Intensive Complex for our urban environments. Stress, blue light, and pollution causethe skin to age, which is why it needs help with tailored high-qualitycosmetics. At night, apply 2 drops of each detoxifying oil directly to yourface or in your cream, to intensify its effectiveness. These essentialoil-based treatments help fight free radicals and strengthen your skin’sself-defense.


Fourth resolution, protect your skin.

It may seem obvious but we often forget thislast step after the serum to fend off the effects of pollution on our skin. Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 is your ideal guardian angel for urbanskins under daily attack. Sea lily extracts help reduce the size of pigment spots,while potassium, magnesium and calcium strengthen the skin's natural protectivebarrier. Aswell as protecting, this cream limits the appearance of fine lines andwrinkles.

Finally, feed your body with Anne Semonin Detoxifying Body Oil.

It detoxifies, purifies andmoisturizes your skin as soon as you apply it, helping eliminate toxins whileyou take care of yourself. With its essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptusand lemongrass, this oil is your bodyguard for winter. And its fragrance is divine. Just what you needto start 2021 serenely, detoxified, and protected.

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