At Anne Semonin, we call them “The Daily Musts”. Exfoliating, soothing, regenerating ... whatever their purpose, face masks are a part of the beauty routine. There is no question of going without for a single day: full of active ingredients, they work in synergy with other products to feed the skin with the essential nutrients and protect it from premature aging. Ideal to enhance your beauty!

Complementary to "all skins"

The Anne Semonin Masks collection consists of six products with formulas rich in plant active ingredients and marine extracts. Thanks to their ingenious formulation, they are suitable for all skin types, including the most delicate ones. Perfectly complementary, these natural concentrates are applied alternately, according to the needs of the epidermis, in order to provide with the essential nutrients to keep its balance. This is one of the Anne Semonin's secrets to maintain the skin’s complexion beautifully glowy all year round!

Two exfoliating masks of your choice

To use them at best, nothing could be simpler! It all starts with a careful exfoliation, once or twice a week: an essential gesture to rid the skin of its impurities and make it more receptive to active ingredients. Triple Action Resurfacing Peel Mask or Exfoliating Mask, you have the choice! The first is a real gift: in 1 to 2 minutes, this combination of three peels exfoliates, stimulates the cell renewal and illuminates the complexion, thanks to the combined action of fruit acids, red algae extracts, rice grains, quartz crystals and enzymes. Sensitive skin will particularly prefer the Exfoliating Mask which doesn’t contain fruit acids. Enriched with red algae and rice powder, it is also recommended for dry, congested and blackhead prone skin.

Four “must-have” face masks

The other Anne Semonin face masks could be applied every day, morning or evening, after exfoliating or on cleansed skin. They are chosen according to the skin needs, in order to optimize other products to be applied afterwards and protect skin from various aggressions: sun, UV, stress, fatigue, pollution, jet lag ... Apply the masks using an Applicator Brush, leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with like warm water or using a Cellulose Sponge.


The Cream Mask:  Based on jojoba oil, shea butter and marine minerals, it soothes irritation and comforts sensitive or fragile skin. Its deliciously sensory texture is ideal for dry skin.

The Mineral Mask: it is full of marine extracts with regenerating properties and plant extracts with moisturizing, purifying, revitalizing effects ... When emulsified with a little water, this versatile treatment turns into a gentle cleanser with naturally iodized fragrance.

The Gel Mask: : it is ideal for dehydrated, mature and low-energy skin. At the heart of its formula, a concentrate of seawater re-mineralizes and plumps the skin. It also contains nourishing castor oil and a cocktail of essential oils with regenerating and draining action.

The Firming & Lifting Peel-off Mask: thanks to its formula with acacia gum and mother-of-pearl extracts, it is a real radiance booster. This intensely hydrating and smoothing treatment can be prepared in seconds in your bathroom. Leave on for 15 minutes then gently start removing beginning with the edges. DIY enthusiasts will love it!

Beauty advice from our spa expert: if you are going on holidays, consider the “Daily Musts”: four Anne Semonin masks (Exfoliating, Gel, Cream, Mineral) offered in travel size to suit all your needs while you holiday.

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