It makes no sense! Yesterday, your skin was beautiful and a glowing perfection but today it is now feeling tight or showing signs of dehydration ... Whatever its nature, your skin needs different products depending on the season, your mood, your lifestyle, and the environment ... Do you want a beauty routine that is perfectly suited to your needs? Dare to try the Anne Semonin Mixology and boost your glow with its Intensive Complexes!

What is the Anne Semonin Mixology ... ?

Mixology is the art of combining Anne Semonin beauty products with each other, so that they act in synergy and provide your skin with all the essential nutrients it needs. Since its creation over 35 years ago, Anne Semonin has offered the tailor-made concept as being the basis of the brand’s philosophy, its DNA. With this in mind, all of the Anne Semonin products are formulated so that they can be mixed with each other and create personalized beauty routines. There are essential oils, trace elements, and using the latest technology in natural ingredients results in...: the best active ingredients every time! 

Tailor-made treatments: yes, but how ...?  

To concoct your beauty routine, it's easy, just visit an Anne Semonin spa or the Atelier de Beauté in Paris. At the end of your treatment, your therapist will offer you your personalized Beauty Prescription and will recommend the products that best suit your skins needs. You can also get your Beauty Prescription directly from the Anne Semonin website (, it only takes a few minutes. There you will find a questionnaire, which will then allow you to easily create your care rituals at home.





What do we mean by « Intensive Complexes » Anne Semonin ?

The Anne Semonin Intensive Complexes are very powerful products. They all consist of a complex of Essential Oils and a complex of Trace Elements, which have been selected to provide the essential elements to rebalance and enhance your glow. There are four in total: firming, soothing, rebalancing and detox. Why these two types of ingredients? Simply because they complement each other perfectly! Trace Elements optimize the effects of Essential Oils by allowing them to penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis. As for Essential Oils, they are made up of hundreds of molecules and are one of the most effective natural ingredients! 

How are Intensive Complexes used?

There are two ways to use them. For intensive care, they can be applied alone, in the evening, like a serum, after thoroughly cleansing and toning. The protocol is simple: place 3 drops of Essential Oils and 3 drops of Trace Elements in the palm of your hand, mix and apply on the face, neck and décolleté. You can also mix the relevant Intensive Complex Duo with the other Anne Semonin products to strengthen or complement their action, depending on your needs. These are real beauty boosters: morning and / or evening, the choice is yours! All have been designed to optimize the action of the Anne Semonin creams, masks, toners and body products.

In my Wish List :

Intensive Soothing Complex: : this restorative night care combines extracts of lemon zest, sage, oregano and bisabolol, with the properties of sea fennel, aloe vera and brown algae. Ideal for soothing, hydrating and soothing sensitive or irritated skin.

Intensive Firming Complex: : mature or sun-damaged skin will love this repairing and revitalizing treatment. Its secret? Essential oils of mandarin, eucalyptus, tea tree and ylang ylang zest, combined with extracts of horsetail and laminaria seaweed.

Rebalancing Intensive Complex: skin imperfections are regulated thanks to the action of essential oils of cypress, rosemary and sage, boosted by sea water and red algae extracts. A must-have for combination to oily skin!

Intensive Detox Complex: : this is the perfect treatment to prevent premature aging of the skin linked to the environment and the urban lifestyle! It combines the virtues of the essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary, peppermint and carrot, with the benefits of zinc, algae and sea water. A true wonder!

Anne Semonin beauty advice:  The Intensive Complexes contain essential oils. They are therefore not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Some Essential Oils cause sensitive reaction under the sun. This is the reason why it is not recommended to use the Intensive Complexes on their own in the morning. 


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