Need beauty tips to enhance your glow and shine, even in the winter? Cryotherapy has always been an Anne Semonin signature treatment. This method using cold is known to stimulate the natural functioning of the skin and thus slow down its aging process. In addition to its immediate firming effect, it is a precious ally to awaken the skin’s radiance. Here are our 5 tips to brighten your complexion and prepare your skin for the holiday season. Cold? You will love it! !


Tip n°1: adopt the cryotherapy!

Cryotherapy, or beauty through cold, is one of the staples of the Anne Semonin brand. How does it work? When in contact with the skin, a thermal shock occurs and naturally stimulates its functioning. Cutaneous microcirculation is revived, damaged cells are drained, the skin is instantly smoothed: enough to stimulate and boost the skin radiance!

Tip n°2: melt for the Anne Semonin Ice Cubes...

In the Anne Semonin skincare routine, beauty through the cold goes through the application of ice cubes. But not just any ice cubes...stimulating Express Radiance Ice Cubes, Eye Express radiance Ice cubes or Precious Pearl Radiance Ice Cubes: are all made from marine spring water and enriched with active ingredients: red micro-algae, hyaluronic acid, pearl extracts and edelweiss flowers... Once out of the freezer, these real treatments slip into a gauze bag and apply to the face or eye contour. Immediately, the skin is refreshed, smooth and glowing as desired. An amazing trio!

Tip #3: exfoliate your skin first

We cannot repeat it enough: a good face exfoliation is THE prerequisite for fresh and radiant youthful skin. With the Resurfacing Peel Mask or the Exfoliating Mask, put an end to dull complexion and dull skin! The first combines three peels: chemical (fruit acids, red algae extracts), mechanical (mineral powder) and biological. Its rapid action refines the skin texture and illuminates the complexion. The second is enriched with red seaweed extract: leave it on for 2 minutes, then gently exfoliate. Use once a week, or more if necessary.



Tip n°4: follow your Anne Semonin beauty routine

For a flawless glow: 

1. Cleanse with Botanical Milk or Oligo Cleansing Gel, then complete with Botanical Toner or Marine Toner, every morning and evening. 

2. Get rid of the dead skin cells with the Resurfacing Peel Mask or the Exfoliating Mask. The radiance is immediate and your skin is ready to receive its treatment. 

3. Continue by wiping the Express Radiance or Precious Pearl Ice Cubes on the face, also ideal for a boost of radiance before a night out. To wake up your eyes, think of Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes

4. Finish with your usual day cream in the morning, and apply the Firming Intensive Complex in the evening. Your skin will be fresh and luminous when you wake up.

Tip n°5: enhance your glow at Atelier Anne Semonin

To sustainably boost the radiance of your skin, go to the Anne Semonin Beauty Workshop in Paris: The Cryo Time Freeze is a real wonder! In the program? Deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, energetic drainage, application of a mask, facial massage and application of Express Radiance Ice Cubes. You will come out totally relaxed, with a fresh complexion and a revitalized skin like never before. The Precious Pearl Ultra-Lift with real pearl extracts also combines the benefits of cold, the application of Anne Semonin treatments and the benefits of exclusive drainage and lifting techniques. The effect is spectacular: Discover this and more at the Atelier de Beauté in Paris and in all Anne Semonin spas.




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