Whatever the skin type, the epidermis needs to be perfectly hydrated and nourished to prevent premature aging, plump up the face and enhance its radiance. Why is the hydration essential for the skin? What is the difference with the nutrition? Explanations and beauty tips from Anne Semonin experts for a beautiful summer!


Hydration, the first anti-wrinkle treatment for your face!

Do you think your face looks tired? Are the fine lines accentuated, and has your complexion lost its glow? Your skin is most definitely showing signs of dehydration! The reasons? Water is the main component of the skin, up to about 30%. Despite the presence of a protective hydrolipidic film on the surface, composed of both water and lipids, it evaporates throughout the day under the effect of the sun (and cold), wind, pollution, tobacco, stress, water limestone... This natural phenomenon forces the skin to draw on its water resources. It is responsible for feelings of discomfort, lack of radiance, premature aging, or the accentuation of fine lines in the evening. Therefore, all skin types need hydration, whether it is dry, normal, combination or oily.

Moisturizing care and nourishing care, what is the difference?

Hydrating products provide water, while nourishing (or nutritious) products provide fatty substances (lipids). The skin naturally produces its own fatty substances, this is sebum. But when you skin lacks this, it becomes dry, tight and sometimes has scales or redness. This deficit increases over time as we age. Nutrition problems therefore mainly concern dry and mature skin, which needs more fatty substances in its skincare routine. Do not confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin!

Finally, what do we need for our skin?

Our skin needs both hydration and nutrition to stay supple and full of radiance. Water needs? Our body cannot store water, which is essential for the proper functioning of our metabolism and which acts, for example, on cell regeneration. It is therefore imperative to have a regular supply of water, in order to compensate for the natural loss. Lipid requirements? When sebum production is too low, the hydrolipidic film deteriorates and can no longer perform its protective role against attacks and natural dehydration. The skin then becomes more fragile.



How and when to hydrate and nourish your skin?

Hydration and nutrition can be provided by a balanced diet such as the Mediterranean diet, hydration (at least 1.5 L of water per day) and by an adapted beauty routine. A light water-based texture (gel, gel-cream, milk...) will be favored in summer or during the day for its freshness, while a richer texture (cream, oil, balm...) will be favored in winter or in the evening, to participate fully in cell renewal which is activated during sleep. But we also know that combination and oily skin prefer light and non-oily textures, while dry skin loves creamy textures. From a purely cosmetic point of view, the choice between a "water" base, which is hydrophilic, and an "oil" base, which is hydrophobic, also takes into account the characteristics of the active ingredients present in the formula, depending on whether they are hydrophilic or lipophilic.

What are the star ingredients for hydrating and nourishing the skin?

Hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the body, is known for its ultra moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties. This gifted asset can capture up to 1,000 times its weight in water! And depending on its molecular weight (size), it deeply hydrates or strengthens the hydrolipidic film on the surface. At Anne Semonin, it is found in the Marine Emulsion, the new Night Regenerating Mask and the Super Active Contour Serum. Aloe Vera is also a powerful natural moisturizer and found in our Dheanne Cream. Just like marine spring water, present in Ice Cubes, Botanical Body Milk and Botanical Toner, or rose water, which infuses the sublime Tissue Serum and Marine Toner. As for the nourishing ingredients, they are plethora: shea butter, hazelnut, jojoba, soy, macadamia, buriti, castor, corn oils...



What Anne Semonin face beauty routine this summer?

In summer, the stratum corneum thickens to protect itself from the sun's rays. For a beautiful skin texture, well-protected skin and a radiant complexion: 

 >Once or twice a week, apply the Exfoliating Mask with red algae and mineral powder, to cleanse the skin and illuminate the complexion. 

 >Every day, alternate the Cream Mask and the Gel Mask. The first is ideal for soothing, repairing and nourishing dry skin. The second brings a boost of radiance to dry and dehydrated skin. In the evening only, because it contains essential oils. 

 >Follow with the Phytarosa Serum: this sublime cocktail of botanical oils intensely nourishes dry to very dry skin and prolongs the tan. Morning and evening, alone or under the daily care, according to needs. Or with the Oligoanne Serum: rich in seawater and trace elements, it's a real moisturizing splash for the skin! In the evening, alone for a regenerating treatment, or during the day under Oligo Protect Cream SPF30

 >Finish with the Oligo Protect Cream SPF 30: its formula with marine minerals wonderfully moisturizes and protects the face against UV rays. In the morning, alone or after the serum. Alternate as needed with Marine Emulsion: ultra-light, it moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates... A must-have for summer! Morning and evening, alone or after your serum. 

 >Complete morning and evening with Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream or Super Active Contour Serum: two small bombs to smooth and refresh the eyes!



The Anne Semonin beauty routine for the body

For a perfectly hydrated body, velvety skin and an even tan, regular exfoliation, hydration and deep nourishment are essential. 

 >Start with the Nude Body Scrub: its formula with Bora Bora white sand, rose quartz powder and white hibiscus leaves the skin soft, rids it of its irregularities and prepares it to receive its body treatment. Twice a week, after shower or bath, on damp skin. 

 >Follow with the Nourishing Body Oil, with buriti oil and essential oils of lavender and mandarin. The must: after a bath, apply to the body, then rinse. Your skin will be silky smooth and beautifully scented! Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

 >If you prefer the milky texture, dive in for the Botanical Body Milk. Formulated with shea butter, firming chlorella and cereal germ oils, this beautiful essential treatment hydrates, nourishes, regenerates, and protects. Every day, without moderation!





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