Preparing your vanity case when you are going on vacation is never an easy task! You would like to be able to take all your favorite products with you, but you have to make choices to fit in your suitcase. To lighten up your routine, here are some Anne Semonin tips for a beautiful summer!


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Tip # 1: travel light!

If you are travelling via plane or a train, you probably won't be able to take all of your full-size products along with you. When your favorite cosmetics exceed the 100 ml size, consider transferring them into smaller travel size bottles.

For an express trip lasting a few days, also consider the Anne Semonin Discovery Kit. This special mini-size kit contains the Botanical Milk, a cleanser and make-up remover and the Botanical Toner to perfect make-up removal and tone the skin without drying it out. There is also the Exfoliating Mask for gentle exfoliation, the Mineral Mask with a beautiful regenerating and detoxifying formula and the Super Active Cream in deluxe sample size. Thanks to its ultra-practical format, this premium anti-aging treatment can be taken everywhere with you, to intensely rehydrate and revitalize the face. A must!

Last essential beauty touch: the Express Radiance Ice Cube with plant extracts. As soon as you arrive, put it in the freezer. When it's frozen, wrap it in the gauze provided and apply it to your well-cleansed skin for an instant boost of radiance.

Tip # 2: Reduce Your Daily Facial Routine

Summer is synonymous with absolute relaxation, lazing in the sun or an invigorating vacation. So, whatever the nature of your skin, have the hydration, protection and repair your skin needs.

1.To cleanse your skin morning and evening, Botanical Milk acts as an all-in-one treatment. With its featherweight texture, it eliminates impurities and makeup, while leaving the skin clear and soothed. Rather than bothering yourself with cotton, take 1 or 2 Anne Semonin reusable Cellulose Sponges: they are very practical and, what's more, it's good for the environment!

2.At the seaside, in the mountains or in town, it is essential to hydrate your skin well and protect it from the harmful effects of the sun: prevention against premature skin aging is required. The Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 is the perfect product. Highly re-mineralizing and moisturizing, it is easy to apply thanks to its lightweight texture. Its formula also contains anti UVA / UVB sun filters. They form a powerful protective shield against UV rays: thus, you will avoid the accelerated appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other unwanted spots ... To strengthen its action, complete with the Phytarosa Serum. This sublime multi-action treatment is ideal in summer: during the day, it prepares the skin for the sun and enhances the tan; in the evening, it soothes and intensively nourishes. A real gifted!

3.Never without my mask? Take the Cream Mask with you! Both nourishing and soothing, you can use it occasionally, according to your needs, but also as a night care. To repair and nourish the skin in depth, add 5 drops of Phytarosa Serum. In this way, you will avoid skin dryness and your skin will remain very soft.

Tip # 3: nourish and protect your body

Two days before departure, consider booking a full body scrub in one of our Anne Semonin spas. Running out of time? In the shower, massage your skin in a circular motion using the Nude Body Scrub to remove dead cells and smooth the skin, preparing the skin to an even tan that lasts over time.

During the day, protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen (index 30 and above). Repeat applications regularly, especially after each bath. In the evening after a shower, treat your skin with one of the four Anne Semonin Body Oils. All of them combine a cocktail of high quality vegetable oils, enriched with precious essential oils : They work wonders and are very practical thanks to their 100ml size, they melt into the epidermis and nourish your skin intensely.

The most difficult thing will be to choose. Toning and revitalizing Energizing Body Oil, Anti-oxidant and anti-aging Vitamin Body Oil, Draining and stimulating Detoxifying Body Oil, or Relaxing and sublimating Nourishing Body Oil: the choice is yours!

Tip 4: pamper your skin if you fly

Long-haul flights put a strain on our skin. Very dry air has a dehydrating effect, while lack of sleep and jet lag prevent our cells from regenerating properly.

The day before departure,, we recommend you do an energizing mask: with its formula enriched with sea trace elements and essential oils, the Anne Semonin Gel Mask is ideal to boost the skin cells. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in water and hydrate your body well by drinking water regularly! Also, avoid wearing heavy make-up and thus blocking your skin pores.

During the flight: if your skin tends to become dehydrated quickly during a long trip, consider moisturizing it regularly with a mist of thermal water. Continue as often as necessary with the Extreme Comfort Cream: enriched with hydrating macadamia nut oil, this skincare wonder nourishes, soothes and provides an immediate feeling of well-being.

The alternative: after a spray of thermal water mist, you can also apply a mask and leave it on for a few minutes. The Anne Semonin Daily Musts contains 4 different single-dose masks. During the flight, the Cream Mask will nourish and soothe your skin. Before arrival, the Gel Mask will provide hydration and instant radiance. A perfect duo!

Our beauty tip: : to avoid dark circles, nothing could be simpler. At your arrival, place an Eye Express Radiance Ice Cube in the freezer and wait for it to set. Once frozen, wrap it in the gauze provided and pass it on the eye contour: lifting and illuminating effect guaranteed on tired eyes!


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