Vegan beauty is talked about a lot, and it is constantly developing especially in response to growing consumer demand for products that respect animal welfare. Cosmetic brands like Anne Semonin have made this choice out of conviction. But what exactly do we mean by vegan beauty? What's in the formulas? How can we recognize them? Our explanations!


What does being vegan mean exactly?

This word was created in the 1940s by a British man named Donald Watson. Veganism proposes a way of life based on the refusal to exploit animals and on the absolute necessity of respecting their well-being. In its purist version, a vegan person does not consume or use any product, material (fur, wool, leather, silk, etc.) or ingredient of animal origin. The vegan diet excludes meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, products derived from the hive (honey, in particular), animal fats, etc. This lifestyle choice also excludes the use of non-vegan cosmetics.

What do we mean by vegan beauty?

There is no legal definition of vegan beauty. But if we refer to the various existing labels, a beauty product is vegan, from the moment it does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Namely: milk, products derived from the bee’s, fish oils, lanolin, shellfish extracts, carmine, etc... In addition, the product must not have been tested on animals, no more than its ingredients. In Europe, these practices have been banned since 2009. But this is not the case everywhere in the world, as in China, for example. Finally, it should be ensured that animal exploitation in the production system is banned. Just one example: in some countries, monkeys are used (and often abused) to harvest coconuts.



Are all Anne Semonin beauty products vegan?

Yes, except Extreme Comfort Cream and Extreme Comfort Body Cream which are being reformulated! In recent years, all formulas have been reworked to be progressively vegan. Today, it is quite possible to develop beauty products that are effective, sensory and void of ingredients of animal origin. It is a challenge in terms of formulation, and a strong ethical commitment from the brand in favor of animal life and all living species! Anne Semonin products are based on plant ingredients, marine active ingredients, vegetable oils, essential oils, minerals and ingredients derived from biotechnology. There is also marine spring water, drawn off the coast of Brittany. Among our cult products, the Precious Serum is full of vegetable oils as well as essential oils. Dheanne Cream is formulated with Mexican wild yam extract. The Marine Mask is rich in seaweed, lemon, horsetail, pine and rosemary extracts. Face and eye ice cubes contain plant extracts...

How do you know if a beauty product is vegan?

To know the composition of a cosmetic product, just check the list of its ingredients (INCI list). It must necessarily appear on the packaging, it is an obligation of European regulations. You can also check if a logo guaranteeing respect for the animal is present on the packaging. There are several more or less demanding private labels: cruelty free & vegan, Expertise Vegan Europe (EVE), One Voice, Vegancert... Membership of these labels is not compulsory, but they are an additional source of information. for consumers.











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