Cryotherapy is the art of channeling the skin and awakening its radiance through the cold. It has always been part a of the Anne Semonin “touch”. This beauty ally is used to slow down the skin cells aging and to stimulate the natural functioning of the skin. It is used to tighten the pores, offering an immediate tightening affect, giving incomparable freshness. The assurance of the perfect glow!


What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy (literally: "cold treatment") is a technique that has been long used by the Anne Semonin brand, for its instantly visible action of giving radiance and vitality to the skin. How does it work? Under the effect of the cold, the blood vessels contract and then dilate, improving microcirculation and stimulating the elimination of toxins. Smoothing and glowing effects guaranteed! That's not all: when combined with cosmetics, cryotherapy accelerates the penetration of active ingredients and acts as a real booster. An eminently natural method, which makes it possible to obtain a sublime skin texture and a complexion of absolute freshness!

The Anne Semonin ice cubes in your bathroom

For your daily beauty routine, Anne Semonin has thought of everything! Anne Semonin Ice Cubes are a pretty smart treatment, which combine the benefits of cryotherapy with the effectiveness of active ingredients from nature and biotech. There are three of them: 1) Express Radiance Ice Cubes, bursting with wild indigo, marine spring water and red microalgae. 2) Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes which are enriched with marine spring water, hyaluronic acid, wild indigo, ginko biloba and squash extract. 3) Precious Pearl Ice Cubes contain an extract of natural white Pearl, Edelweiss flower, hyaluronic acid and silk proteins.





The Anne Semonin ice cubes: instructions for use!

It's easy to use them: just pop them in the freezer for three or four hours. When they have frozen, take an ice cube, peel off the lid, remove it from its shell and slip it into a gauze pocket and sweep over the face, neck and / or around the eyes, according to your needs. The Express Radiance Ice Cubes are ideal for giving a boost to tired skin. Faces lacking in sparkle and uniformity will want to opt for Precious Pearl Ice Cubes. The Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes? They refresh, lift, and brighten tired eyes…bye bye puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles! All to be applied after cleansing but before applying the daily skincare. The ideal beauty trick before a party or in the morning when you wake up, to smooth and refresh the skin.

Cold to eliminate the orange peel skin

We know cryotherapy is a formidable anti-cellulite weapon! At the Anne Semonin Atelier de Beauté, you can also indulge in the Cryo-Lipoliss Treatment. This ultimate treatment combines the benefits of cold and different methods including cryosphere massage, manual palper-rouler and belly massage ... It also draws its effectiveness from the natural power of algae. The results? The legs are drained, the skin is smoother, and the contours are firmer. 60 minutes of unique expertise: orange peel will not be able to resist!


"Star" cryotherapy at the Anne Semonin Atelier de Beauté

Cryotherapy, it tempts you, but you dream of a treatment carried out by expert hands and eminently relaxing? Book your facial at our Atelier de Beauté in Paris or in an Anne Semonin spa! All of them combine cryotherapy, exclusive drainage technique and highly active products. They will give you a dream complexion and wake up the youth of your skin! A la carte:

CoolLifting Radical Facial Rejuvenation (60 min): This is the latest Anne Semonin treat! This treatment with incredible results is a real revealer of youth and radiance. It combines a deep lifting massage with the very avant-garde CooLifting technique. If you are short on time, there is also a 30 min version: the results are just as visible!

Precious Pearl Ultra Lift (90 min): the combination of cold, targeted massages and powerful anti-aging active ingredients smooths your skin and acts on the signs of aging. As a bonus, an ultra-relaxing massage is included: hands / feet or scalp, it's up to you!

Cryo Time Freeze (75 min): if you want a boost of radiance and visibly firmer skin, this treatment is for you! Thanks to the action of the cold and the sublime Anne Semonin Super Active Serum, the boost is instantaneous and your skin glows to perfection!

Miracle Eyes (45 min): it is ideal at any time to refresh the eyes, smooth fine lines and eliminate bags under the eyes. Your beautician finishes with the application of Miracle Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: a must-have!

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