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Why does my skin change at 40?

You may have been combatting redness and excess oiliness just a few years ago, but as you age your sebaceous glands slow down, collagen reserves become depleted and moisture levels drop. Skin becomes drier, more etched and less toned. The products you used at age 30 no longer have the same effect, and may even be abrasive to the skin.

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Tweaking your creams

You know what's going on: your skin no longer has the same problems, and its needs have changed.

It's time to update your beauty routine for more mature skin. The skincare product that works for everyone is
 Dheanne Cream, with Mexican wild yam that promotes skin repair and moisture. Rich in vitamin A and E, it slows aging of the skin and gives it a smooth, supple appearance.

This is also the age when skin gains more wrinkles and loses some elasticity, due to the loss of collagen and depending on genetic and environmental factors. So it's important to compensate those losses with targeted products.

The Anne Semonin Super Active Cream contains a peptide with botox-like action, plus a blend of high-performing additives (wrinkle-smoothing myrrh resins, oligo-elements, vitamins A, B, C and E, and algae extracts) that aim to effectively slow down premature aging and preserve the skin's firmness and brilliance.
For fine days, you can switch to  Oligo Protect Cream SPF 30  which moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin from UV A/B rays that cause premature aging.

Make sure you exfoliate your skin well twice a week to prepare it for skincare -- don't forget your neck and cleavage when you apply it!


Adopting new products

Even if you don't use it yet, a serum and eye contour cream will soon become absolutely essential! These two products contain powerful agents formulated to meet the skin's specific needs and should definitely be part of your regimen.

Thanks to its fine texture, the serum instantly penetrates the skin. We chose one containing hyaluronic acid,
a moisturizing agent that naturally occurs in skin but lessens as you get older. Anne Semonin has created theYouth Radiance Elixir with this special ingredient, with two-fold action. The high molecular weight works on the surface for an immediate smoothing, plumping effect to reduce fine lines. At the same time, the low molecular weight penetrates deep into the skin for maximum moisturizing. Apply it every morning before you put on your day cream, and at night only when your face is entirely cleansed.

You can also use Precious Serum, an intensive night cream that revitalises and purifies tired, lusterless skin.

You should never neglect the area around your eyes, since this is the most delicate, fragile zone of your face.
It's also the area most affected by skin aging. The key is to boost lymph vessel action and provide in-depth nourishment.
Composed of marine retinol, vitamins and plant oils, Anne Semonin Miracle Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream takes care of all eye-zone problems by erasing wrinkles, bags and circles -- a real must-have for your toiletry case!

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Eat better, move more, and most importantly, love life!

Just because your body is getting older doesn't mean your spirits have to droop! Keep your spirits up so you can enjoy the long years of adventures that lie ahead.
Eat balanced meals, drink water to keep your skin hydrated, and especially don't stop doing sports, or start doing something you love -- because at 40, you're still in shape!

Most of all, remember to keep some time for yourself, especially if you have a family.
Treat yourself to a facial or body treatment in one of our spas; go with your girlfriends to take a break from your daily routine.

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