Tighten dilated pores with the right beauty routine

Several factors can cause dilated pores, such as excess sebum, skin aging, sun exposure, and comedogenic make-up and skincare products. But don’t worry, there are ways to combat this unsightly skin reaction. Anne Nguyen, Anne Semonin’s Marketing and Product Development Director, reveals expert tips and the ultimate skincare routine to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

The many causes of dilated pores

Pores are tiny hair follicles which allow water and sebum to reach the surface of the skin. While most pores are small enough to be invisible to the naked eye, others can become enlarged. Increased sebum production (due to hormonal changes or stress), comedogenic cosmetics, or an ineffective daily skincare routine can clog pores, causing them to dilate. Pores can also appear to enlarge as we age, as if we’re seeing them under a magnifying glass. This is due to the skin losing its firmness and elasticity, which results in a collapse of the pores’ walls. Sun exposure is another culprit. It affects sebum production and thickens the stratum corneum to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Oily skin types are the first to be affected

Dilated pores are generally located on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and cheeks, and can occur on all skin types. However, they are more frequent on oily skin due to an excess in sebum production. But whatever the cause of enlarged pores, there is no need to panic. Achieving a more refined skin texture is as easy as adopting the right beauty routine. Deep cleansing and regular exfoliation are essential first steps in the removal of impurities, excess sebum, and dead cells that clog pores, explains Anne Nguyen. Effective toners have an astringent action that purifies and tightens pores while maintaining the skin’s balance. Achieving tighter pores is a question of time and of adopting the right daily skincare ritual. For long-lasting results, follow the guide below!

Your Anne Semonin shopping guide:

Step 1: Use Oligo Cleansing Gel, a skincare must-have, for perfectly clean, smooth, soft skin. Its gentle, soap-free formula, enriched with a marine nutrient complex and red algae, eliminates impurities, detoxifies the skin, and regulates sebum production. Follow with Marine Toner to tone and mattify the skin. An effective all-around product, Marine Toner boosts skin radiance and clarifies blotchy skin thanks to its tightening properties.

Step 2: Gently exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week with a product that suits your skin’s needs. Chemical exfoliants (salicylic acid and fruit acids) penetrate the pores and unclog hair follicles while mechanical exfoliants remove dead cells from the skin's surface. Resurfacing Peel Mask is perfect for oily, combination, or mature skins as it combines the action of three types of peel: chemical (AHA), mechanical (powder) and biological (enzyme). Exfoliating Mask is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it is free of fruit acids. Moreover, this gentle scrub clarifies, purifies, and balances the skin. How to use it? Just leave it on for 10 minutes and you're good to go!

Step 3: Once your face is perfectly clean, follow up with Anne Semonin Ice Cubes. The unique "cryo-serums" combine cold therapy with the benefits of marine spring water and natural ingredients (red algae, rose extracts, etc.). Real beauty boosters, the ice cubes firm the skin, drain lymphatic fluids, tighten pores, improve luminosity, and combat the tell-tale signs of aging. The application is simple: remove the frozen cube from its mould, wrap it in the gauze bag provided and apply to the face. The effect is immediate!

Step 4: The last step is to deeply moisturize, balance and protect the skin. Marine Emulsion, with its non-greasy texture, is perfect for those with combination to oily skin. Formulated with shea butter and sea algae extracts, it nourishes and regenerates the skin, brightens the complexion, and improves elasticity. Those with mature, tired, and weathered skin will love Dheanne Cream. It contains Mexican wild yam and has exceptional anti-aging and firming properties.

Anne Nguyen's beauty tip:After exfoliation, don't forget to apply a mask regularly to revitalize the skin, reduce imperfections, and enhance skin radiance. Gel Mask contains essential oils of lavender, cypress, ylang-ylang, and palmarosa which combine to tighten pores and to detoxify and balance the skin. Apply the mask once or twice a week, or in accordance with the skin's needs.

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