Bid adieu to cellulite and say hello to velvet skin

With summer just around the corner, most of us can’t wait to swap our winter clothes for shorter, sunnier outfits. But although you might be beach-ready, is your skin set for summer too ?


If your skin is dry due to hot showers and the continuous contact of multiple layers of winter clothing or because you’ve neglected your skincare routine during the winter months, it’s about time we ready your skin for summer!

With spring sunshine comes the question of how to get beautifully soft, velvet-like, glowy skin. The answer lies in Anne Semonin’s velvet skin beauty routine. Simple, indulgent, and highly effective, the two-step skincare routine removes dead cells, smoothes unevenness, nourishes the skin, and restores its radiance. Try the regime for yourself, and you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to achieve visible results!


1. Use Nude Body Scrub with Bora Bora sand and marine crystals or Vitamin Rich Body Scrub with sea salt and pumice powder to renew your skin. Both must-have body scrubs remove dead skin cells, boost cell renewal, and prepare your skin for other products. Nude Body Scrub and Vitamin Rich Body Scrub also moisturize and nourish the skin thanks to their results-driven blends of vegetable oils.

Apply the scrub twice a week, or more often if needed, for hydrated and luminous skin like never before.

Anne Semonin's beauty tip : Gentleness is key when exfoliating your skin.

After showering, softly massage the scrub into damp skin with circular motions. When you focus on rough areas such as your elbows, knees, and ankles, do so gently. Then, rinse off.

2. Hydrate your skin daily, morning and evening, after showering or applying a body scrub. At Anne Semonin, you have the choice between Nourishing Body Oil, enriched with lavender, mandarin, and marjoram essential oils, or Botanical Body Milks , made with shea butter, chlorella, and vitamin-rich cereal germ oils.

Improve the skincare results of Botanical Body Milk, even further by adding a few drops of Soothing Intensive Complex, see the video here. The product duo comprises trace elements and targeted essential oils to deeply moisturize the epidermis and does wonders for those with dehydrated and irritated skin (redness, itching, etc.).

Anne Semonin's beauty tip : Pregnant and breastfeeding women will love Vitamin Rich Body Oil.

Instead of essential oils, it comprises cranberry, grapeseed, and olive oil to nourish the epidermis and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The body oil is a must-have for mothers-to-be!

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