The chronobiology is at the heart of the new Anne Semonin Night Regenerating Mask. The reason? Like the rest of the body, the skin is subject to a biological rhythm throughout the day. In 24 hours, it goes through different phases to defend itself, draw the elements necessary for its operation and repair itself. It is at night that skin regeneration cycles are at work and reach their peak of activity, hence the creation of this sublime innovative night mask with global anti-aging action. We are now telling you everything!


1. What is chronobiology?

Dark circles, puffy eyes, dull complexion, drawn features... Anne Semonin created the Night Regenerating Mask based on chronobiology to put an end to faces lacking radiance when waking up in the morning. Why ? The functioning of our body is subject to a biological rhythm, set over the 24 hours of a day: this is chronobiology. All our biological and behavioral functions follow this tempo, including the skin. In 24 hours, it goes through different phases, each as important as the other. During the day, it defends itself against external aggressions such as wind, sun, cold, pollution... And at night, it regenerates;! 

2. How our skin is working at night? 

The skin regeneration cycles (number of cell divisions) have been shown to be active and at their peak between midnight and 1 a.m. Cutaneous blood flow is maximal between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m., which allows the supply of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. At the level of the superficial stratum corneum, the desquamation (natural elimination of the superficial layers of the skin) is optimal between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. In other words: when you sleep, your skin recovers, repairs itself and works for you!



 3. Does the lack of sleep have an impact on skin aging? 

Yes, nights that are too short or poor quality of sleep can alter skins quality and accelerate its aging. Indeed, there are three types of skin aging: genetic, environmental (pollution, cold, UV, etc.) and behavioral, linked to lifestyle (stress, lack of sleep, etc.). It is this third cause that marks the face the most! For skin, lack of sleep induces an increase in glycotoxins, which disrupt cell repair. To combat skin fatigue, it is therefore necessary to support cell detoxification systems and repair the damage created by glycation, which is a well-known factor in accelerated aging. It is also necessary to regulate the levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone, and its restorative action.

4. How could the Anne Semonin Night Regenerating Mask address the lack of sleep concerns? 

With its unique formula, this night mask is highly effective against the signs of fatigue and aging, whatever the type of aging. Its formula contains two innovative active ingredients, which act on skin fatigue: an extract of Lindera and an extract of Albizia (silk tree). The first helps to synchronize the circadian (or internal) clock of the fibroblasts. It increases hydration, tone and elasticity of the face. The radiance of the complexion is revived like never before! The second repairs and protects the skin from damage caused by glycation. It looks rested, like after a good night's sleep. There is also hyaluronic acid, for a perfectly hydrated, fresh and revitalized face when you wake up. And an extract of tea leaves, very effective against free radicals and skin aging.

5.  What is its black color due to? 

To capture the microparticles and impurities present on the surface of the skin, the Anne Semonin R&D has introduced active bamboo charcoal powder into the formula. This black color disappears on application of the mask and its ultra-melting gel texture. A real marvel!










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