There is no miracle solution: for a sublimated silhouette and well hydrated and toned skin, it is essential to adopt a daily body sculpting routine. With the arrival of the sunny season, here is a effective anti cellulite skin ritual. Simple and effective, it will help you take care of yourself and feel good about your body. Say goodbye to dimpled skin!

With the Body Perfection routine, there will be no more worries! Developed by the Anne Semonin experts, it combines the benefits of specific massage movements with the power of highly active cosmetic products, offering greater efficiency thanks to the famous Anne Semonin Mixology. Together, they act in synergy to properly hydrate the skin, drain the circulatory system and prevent fat cells (“adipocytes”) from storing to form the famous orange peel skin. Thus, the contours of the silhouette are firmer and more toned. Simple and effective, provided you follow the procedure daily: morning or evening, apply on well-cleansed skin, for at least 6 weeks the below products. For optimal results, do respect the order of use of your body slimming products.


My four-step anti-orange peel skin ritual

1. Start with the Nude Body Scrub or Vitamin Rich Body Scrub, twice a week, massaging the whole body with circular movements. Insist on the areas to be treated. Thus, your skin is rid of its dead cells and its texture is refined. Already hydrated and smoothed, it is ready to receive the slimming treatment.

2. Then apply the Detoxifying Body Oil*: enriched with essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass, it stimulates the circulation, promotes the drainage and contributes to the elimination of toxins, while taking care of your skin.

3. Follow with Lipoliss Intense Firming Body Serum. Specially designed to firm sagging areas, this lifting concentrate consists of sweet almond proteins, soy proteins and a derivative of hyaluronic acid. When applied to the affected areas, it works real miracles thanks to its superpowers!

4. Finish your routine with Lipoliss Intense Anti-Cellulite Gel*. Formulated to reduce the formation of fat cells, it contains a slimming complex, combined with extracts of seaweed, horse chestnut and caffeine. An ideal cocktail to minimize the orange peel appearance and act on cellulite-prone areas. Apply the product with firm, circular massage movements, then continue if you wish with the palper-rouler technique, taking a fold of skin between your fingers and rolling it. Start at the knee and work your way up. Repeat several times. You can also use an anti-cellulite vacuum cup, which also offer effective results.





Tips from our Spa Expert:

For optimal results, mix the Firming Body Serum with the Anti-Cellulite Gel, and add a few drops of Detoxifying Intensive Complex. Apply this tailored slimming blend to cellulite-prone areas. Guaranteed effect on your silhouette... and on your mood! Should you go for an Anne Semonin Spa Experience, discover our new Miracle Body Lifting & Modelling Massage, a 60 minute treatment devised to deliver an immediate and dramatic body sculpting and body contouring effect. The treatment’s manual drainage technique, a combination of firm pressure and fast rhythmic and pumping movements, delivers quick, head-turning results. After just one treatment, you’ll leave our spa with smooth, even skin and a more sculpted body. *Not suitable to pregnant and breastfeeding women, given the presence of essential oils and caffeine in the Anti-Cellulite Gel.








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