The accumulated fatigue from festive dinners and parties with friends, short night's sleep and endless shopping… Your skin needs to breathe! To recover and shine during the year-end holidays, here are some beauty tips and a routine adapted to this period. A real seasonal ritual for beautiful, flawless skin!

 1. Je m’offre une cure détox 

Anything that is bad for the body has bad effects on the skin. For beautiful, glowing and healthy skin this Christmas, start with a food detox cure! Try to stay away from the "bad fat" (cream, cooked butter, fatty and processed meats, fried foods, etc.), sugar and therefore alcohol! Consuming sugar promotes glycation of collagen fibers and prevents them from staying flexible, resulting in wrinkling and loss of firmness in the skin. But it can also lead to hormonal imbalance and a breakout.

Three weeks before the holidays, I prefer green vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli ...), white fish, poultry, seasonal fruits ... I also think about keeping well hydrated myself, 1.5 liters of water per day, l subscribe to detox herbal teas (fennel, mint, lemon balm ...), and I take care of my sleep. Do not forget that the skin works and regenerates at night!

2. I regularly exfoliate my skin

This is the prerequisite for healthy, soft, and luminous skin, just as we like it! The Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask is perfect for this. Its natural active ingredients (red algae, mineral powder, rice powder) eliminate dead cells, absorb excess sebum, and get rid of blackheads. Apply a thin layer to the face and neck, gently massage with fingertips for 2 minutes, then remove the excess of product. Use once or twice a week, on a cleansed face and before and after the holidays. For all skin types.



3. I complete with a mask

The mask is the essential ally of your beauty routine. At Anne Semonin, they are called The Daily Musts: 5 to 10 minutes application is enough to get very good results. From the Gel Mask, the multipurpose Mineral Mask, to the Cream Mask and the Exfoliating Mask...You have the option to choose! The ideal way to use these masks is to alternate according to your skin’s needs, with at least one or two masks per week. To restore radiance to tired and dehydrated skin, the Gel Mask is particularly recommended. Its formula with sea trace elements and essential oils works miracles! Warning: it is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

4. I bet everything on my serum

Stress, unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, pollution ... To protect your skin, nothing beats a good antioxidant serum! At Anne Semonin, the Oligoanne Serum works wonders. Its formula enriched with chlorella protects the skin from environmental aggressions by strengthening its natural defenses. It also intensely quenches thirst and activates cell oxygenation, for a clarified and even complexion. Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin before your day cream. In the evening, tired and dull skin may prefer the Precious Serum: this beautiful night care has an exceptional revitalizing and detoxifying action! It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women as it contains essential oils.

5. I brighten my complexion in the evening

Nothing could be easier with the Precious Pearl Ice Cube. This cult Anne Semonin product uses the benefits of cryotherapy to smooth and firm features. Its hyaluronic acid formula contains pearl extracts: it is ideal for boosting radiance and improving makeup hold. To apply: put an ice cube in the freezer, once it has set, slip your ice cube into a small gauze bag and run it over your face, before your make up. The glowing effect is instant! Complete with the Eye Express Radiance Ice Cube. This gifted eye care is bursting with botanical active ingredients. When you pass it around the eyes, it has a draining and smoothing action. Say farewell to looking tired! 

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