To have luminous, toned, and radiant face of youth, everyone dreams of it! To cultivate one's skin beauty, it is essential to adopt a daily care routine, adapted to the nature and needs of the skin. But what about the muscles that support the skin...? Let us share with you the benefits of the Face Yoga and Facial Gymnastics, these 100% natural methods that are complementary to your Anne Semonin Skincare routine!


Our face, this superposition of 50 skin muscles...

Our face has about fifty muscles. They are called "skin muscles" because they are directly attached to the skin: as if to say their destinies are linked! Frontal, temporal, orbicular muscles (around the eyes and mouth), zygomatic (the muscles of the smile), digastric (at the level of the neck). By the action of always contracting in the same way when we smile, when we drink, when you frown, they end up marking and causing the formation of expression lines. Over time, the muscles of the face also end up losing tone and volume under the effect of age, unless you remedy this...

Face Yoga and Facial Gymnastics: long live physical activity!

Face yoga and Facial Gymnastics, here are two natural methods to keep a young and glowing face, without going through injections! The idea? Just as you practice physical activities to maintain a toned body, it is important to exercise your face! By contracting and stretching the muscles, you will act on their firmness and their elasticity, while avoiding the accelerated relaxation of your features - at the level of the nasolabial folds, cheekbones, eye contour... Facial yoga and facial gymnastics also act on blood circulation, collagen production and elastin secretion in the dermis. As a result, both exert a draining and anti-aging action on the face.


Face yoga or Facial Gymnastics, what's the difference?

Thanks to various targeted exercises, facial yoga and facial gymnastics stimulate, stretch and relax the muscles of the face, in order to smooth out the expression lines, fight against sagging, open up the gaze, reshape the face contour... Forehead, mouth, neck, eyes, everything goes! The big difference? Sometimes the facial yoga incorporates a holistic dimension, conducive to self-centering, stress reduction and relaxation. And this is necessarily seen on the features... These two methods are not being really codified, each practitioner draws from a "common core" and goes there with his own exercises. In face yoga, some add acupressure points and self-massage, for example.

Anti-aging and radiance tools: yes, but...

Whatever your choice, choose your exercises and your tutorials carefully (there are many online). Facial yoga and facial gymnastics are excellent tools for anti-aging and radiance, provided you follow certain precautions. Otherwise, beware of unwanted effects - and wrinkles! To avoid creating additional wrinkles or accentuating existing wrinkles: >Do not always repeat the same exercises. Do them gently, in the evening after make-up removal or in the morning before your Anne Semonin beauty ritual. It's the regularity that pays: 5 minutes are enough every day! >Alternate toning and relaxation exercises to avoid creating tension on the face. >Compensate for the wrinkling effects of certain movements, by performing antagonistic movements. You can also immobilize the areas of the face that you do not want to work, using your hands. >Concentrate on what you are doing, consciously, in front of the mirror.



An address? Go to Sylvie Lefranc's website (www.sylvielefranc.fr). This yoga teacher is an expert in face yoga. She will guide you and give you precious advice for natural beauty.





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