Good news we deliver to United States
Good news we deliver to United States
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Face Masks

Make our luxurious and natural face masks part of your beauty routine every day to nurture and soothe skin in a relaxing spa-like experience.
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Face Masks

Masks for more radiant and hydrated skin


The key to beautiful, radiant skin is a skincare regime that suits your skin and lifestyle. Every skin is unique, which is why Anne Semonin has pioneered made-to-measure skincare. We strongly advise completing an online Personalised Beauty Prescription so we can tailor a regime to your needs.

Facial masks are an essential component of any made-to-measure beauty ritual. Natural face masks have been used by men and women since ancient times – at least 5,000 years. It was said that Cleopatra used egg whites to tighten pores and mud masks to cleanse her skin.

Anne Semonin face masks are designed primarily to re-balance and re-charge in union with moisturising creams, instantly reviving serums, cleansers and toners. We recommend using face masks at least once or twice a week but preferably more frequently to maintain a glowing complexion.

Use Exfoliating Mask at the start of your ritual to gently eliminate dead skin cells, cleanse and brighten the skin; with natural astringent ingredients such as white nettle, birch, sage and seaweed this double action mask ensures a super-smooth complexion.

Mineral Mask, rich in the natural healing power of marine algae, is a perfect refresher for toxin-loaded skin. Its versatility means it can be used as a mask, booster, eye treatment or cleanser.

Gel Mask, enriched with vitamins and trace elements, is ideal for preparing tired skin for flawless make-up, while Cream Mask is velvety rich and soothing, providing instant relief to sensitive or dry, flaking skin. Simply massage into the skin for two minutes before rinsing, or leave on overnight for a deeper, hydrating and nourishing boost.

One way to sample the face masks is to buy our Daily Musts Coffret, a set containing three monodoses of each of our best-selling facial masks – Exfoliating Mask, Gel Mask, Cream Mask and Mineral Mask. Packaged in lightweight capsules it's the ideal travel companion.