Since its creation more than 35 years ago, the Anne Semonin brand has drawn the effectiveness of its formulas from a selection of natural ingredients, known for their high cosmetic performance. This pioneer of aromatherapy is also a great user of marine active ingredients, botanical ingredients and premium oils. What are natural cosmetics? And what is the vision of the Anne Semonin brand? We tell you everything!


Natural cosmetics, what is it exactly?

As its name suggests, the natural cosmetics use ingredients from nature in their formulations. These can be of botanical origin (flowers, plants...), marine (algae, seawater...), mineral, bacterial and animal (milk, honey...) - except for vegan cosmetics. That being said, there is no actual regulatory definition of natural cosmetics in France. The FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Professionals) has adopted the definition of the ARPP, the Professional Regulatory Authority for Advertising. Namely: “a cosmetic product cannot be qualified as a whole as “natural” or of natural origin”, unless it contains a minimum of 95% of ingredients defined as “natural” or “of natural origin”. , within the meaning of ISO 16128, a recognized international standard for the definitions applicable to natural and organic cosmetic ingredients, or any other reference at least as demanding”. Among these standards, we can mention the Cosmos Natural label, which is a reference in the sector.

How to identify natural ingredients in a beauty product?

The European regulations require that brands mention the ingredients list on the packaging, in the name of transparency and consumer information. Those that are dosed at more than 1% must necessarily be listed in decreasing order of concentration, from the largest to the smallest. Thus, it is possible to know what ingredients are in one’s facial treatment or one’s product! Many ingredients are written in Latin or English: it is a convention to be understood by everyone internationally. But to decipher beauty products, there are also different applications (in France and abroad), which deliver information based on current scientific knowledge. Organic ingredients are recognizable by their asterisk.



What is Anne Semonin Paris' vision of natural cosmetics?

Naturalness is part of its DNA! The Anne Semonin brand is a pioneer in aromatherapy in cosmetics, and all of its formulas combine ingredients drawn from nature with the latest research in cosmetology. Anne Semonin beauty products are full of plant and marine active ingredients: various varieties of algae, marine trace elements, marine spring water, extracts of ash bark, Mexican wild yam, Lindera, Albizia , essential oils... and no longer contain ingredients of animal origin and display vegan formulas. Furthermore, undesirable petrochemical ingredients are removed and replaced with natural actives, where possible. “Respect for the environment, consumer safety and the effectiveness of formulas guide each of our choices, when we reformulate or create our skincare products,” explains Anne Nguyen, Marketing and Product Development Director at Anne Semonin.

And if you had to choose only two or three Anne Semonin natural cosmetics...?

Difficult to make a choice, as the range is full of golden nuggets! But we can obviously mention the sublime range of Body Oils. It is made up of four “nectars”: Nourishing Body Oil, Vitamin Rich Body Oil, Energizing Body Oil and Detoxifying Body Oil. All contain 97% to 100% ingredients of natural origin! Botanical oils, of course (buriti, cranberry, grapeseed, olive, sesame...), but also essential oils of lavender, mandarin, peppermint... These are real wonders on the skin: they leave it perfectly nourished and satiny!

Other examples in mind...?

The Mémoires d’Été well-being collection is another example. This Bath and Body line consists of six generously sized products with aromatic scents bursting with sunshine. Refreshing Hand Wash Gel, Moisturizing Hand Cream, Invigorating Shower & Bath Gel, Moisturizing Body Milk, Gentle Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner: they are all formulated with 94% to 97% ingredients of natural origin. The textures are smooth, while their fragrance evokes the scents of the Mediterranean. A great way to invite summer into your bathroom all year round!












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