Banish the signs of tired eyes with a DIY treatment from Anne Semonin Mixology!


People say the eyes are thewindows to the soul. But what if dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles blemishthe view? How do we erase those unsightly signs of tiredness?

Anne Semonin's specialisedtreatments, featuring exclusive formulas such as Super Active Contour Serum, Miracle Eye Contour Anti Wrinkle Cream, and Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes, are perfect additions to your daily DIY routine. For a rejuvenating and luminous look, explore the Anne Semonin Mixology!

Need a little more TLC to kickoff your radiance? Consider a focused treatment at the Atelier de Beauté in Paris or one of Anne Semonin’s Spas.

Mixologie Anne Semonin

Mixology is one of the foundations of the Anne Semonin brand. The principle is straightforward and immensely successful: mixing the right ingredients to optimize their action, creating power bombs of skincare effectiveness. This is the art of tailor-made beauty.

The eye contour is a particularly delicate area of the face. Around our 'soul's windows,' the skin is only 0.5mm thick and lacks abundant collagen, elastin, and hydrolipidic film – a mixture of water and sebum. Essentially, the contours of our eyes lack everything that gives our skin plumpness and protects it from harsh environmental effects. From pollution to dehydration, poor lifestyle choices, and harmful UV rays: our eyecontours bear the brunt of it all.

For this reason, taking special care of your eye contour, during your daily skincare routine is essential. Treat your most sensitive skin to ananti-puffiness mask at home and apply a personalised concealer. 

Use the mask twice a week, or more if necessary, and you will notice an incredible difference. 

1. The recipe for the Anne Semonin concealer and anti-puffiness mask

Preparing the anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness mask is child's play – combine the Tissue Serum with the Mineral Mask.

The Tissue Serum is a genuine concentrate of nature's most replenishing ingredients. Sea water, Ginkgo Biloba, rose water, hydrolysed marine collagen,and fresh water algae: its formula is full of active ingredients selected to hydrate and soothe the skin, activate blood circulation, and tone and smooth the eye contour.

The Mineral Mask comprises marine extracts (brown algae) and plants (lemon, horsetail, hops, pine,rosemary) with moisturizing, toning, detoxifying, and regenerating effects. Two perfectly complementary little "bombs"!

Aftercleansing your eye contour with Botanical Milk and Botanical Toner

1. Mix five drops of Tissue Serum with a dab of Mineral Mask in a cup.
2. Apply the soothing mixture in athick layer under the eyes, and leave it on to work its magic for 5-10 minutes.
3. Remove with a Cellulose Sponge moistened with lukewarm water.

This unique combination intensely hydrates, activates micro-circulation, and smooths the eye contour. The best part? You'll see an immediate effect! 

2. Fall in love with the Miracle Eyes Treatment at the Atelier de Beauté Paris

This highly effective treatment
 works miracles on puffiness and wrinkles, refreshes the eye contour, and is intensely soothing - 45 minutes of pure relaxation for an impeccable result! It all starts with a skin and eye contour cleanse using Anne Semonin Bi-Phase Eye Make-Up Remover. This new product is reserved for professional use only for now. The surfactant-free cleanser is extremely gentle – ideal for the eyecontour area. Thanks to Aloe Vera and sea fennel, it perfectly removes make-up,calms tired eyes, and strengthens eyelashes while respecting the skin. A real genius!

After manual lymphatic drainage around the eyes, the treatment continues with a detoxmask and an Eye Express Radiance Ice Cube (cryotherapy)treatment. The draining, decongestant, and smoothing powers are an absolutedelight for the eyes! For the final touch, the therapist applies Miracle Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Cream, a must in your beauty kit.
Wish to book a treatment and discoverthe secret to radiant, luminous eyes?

See you at the Atelier de Beauté in Paris and all the Anne Semonin spas!

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