Sustainable and quality ingredients and eco-responsibility are our two priorities!

Anne Semonin has made the natural, tailor-made and innovation the brand spearheads. The best of nature and high technology at the service of beauty! In line with its original values, the brand is also committed to being responsibly eco-friendly. Our goal remains to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, while continuing to develop effective formulas adapted to the needs of the skin. Want to know more? Focus on our "laboratory secrets" and our environmentally friendly production methods!

1.The 100% vegan and high-tech formulas!

High-performance formulas and sensory textures ... To offer the best products for the skin, Anne Semonin selects botanical and marine ingredients known for their innovative effectiveness to get desired results. All animal derived ingredients such as beeswax are long gone: since 2021, all Anne Semonin formulas are 100% vegan (except Extreme Comfort Cream and Extreme Comfort Body Cream which are being reformulated)! The culmination of several years of research and development to find new ingredients that are just as effective AND respectful to animal well-being. Some active ingredients used in the formulas come from the latest advances in biotechnology, such as peptides. There are also high-tech ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid in different molecular weights, or probiotics to rebalance the skin microbiome. Raw materials, formulation, manufacturing: at each level of the chain, the product quality and safety control procedure is complete and respects the requirements of the European Cosmetics Regulation.

2.The “very best” of botanical and marine ingredients

Plant extracts (mahogany bark, Lindera, Albizia, Tephrosia purpurea...), pure botanical oils (sesame, hazelnut, macadamia...), essential oils rich in nutrients, trace elements, marine extracts... are carefully used to develop serums, anti-aging creams and regenerating body care. At Anne Semonin, only the highest quality raw materials are selected, mainly from the French resources. Seaweed from Brittany, lavender from Provence, sea salt from Noirmoutier, to give a real tour of France! The marine spring water used in the Express Radiance Ice Cubes and the Super Active line is drawn off the coast of Brittany, in a natural reservoir located more than 22 meters deep. And its sea mineral content is just exceptional! To optimize the unequaled action of rare and precious essential oils? Anne Semonin combines them with trace elements, which boost the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. A real science of nature!





3. The Eco-responsibility at the heart of creation

All Anne Semonin products are developed and manufactured in France, in partnership with renowned laboratories and carefully selected production sites. All are ISO 22716 certified and all comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. They are also all eco-friendly companies. As such, they are committed to the preservation of our planet, while being a permanent think tank in terms of ecological innovation. Creation of formulas, production, packaging: at each stage, there is room for procedures for recovering natural resources, saving water and energy, managing and recycling waste and wastewater...! To ensure the sustainability of ecosystems, new methods of growing plants and algae using biotechnology are implemented. On the packaging side, glass jars – resistant and not too heavy for the travels – are gradually replacing airless bottles and plastic tubes. As for the outer boxes, they are made of PEFC cardboard, from sustainably managed forests, and they are printed with eco-responsible solvent ink. Enough to limit the impact of Anne Semonin products on the environment!


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